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98′ Boys Cross Country for March Madness

Social media stars “The Boys Of 98” traveled across the country during March Madness. Exponential growth among millennial fans!

NEW YORK, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Social media and the press have been taken by storm over the past few months by the social media sensation and the Boys Of 98′ brand. The band is made up of best friends from Canada which have gained exponential traction in United Statesthe group is composed of Christian Camarata, Matthew Cianci, Stefan Rebelloand Matthew Maccaron. This group of millennials has captured the hearts of college students and young professionals across the country by posting entertaining content and interacting with fans on college tours and road trips.

More recently, The Boys Of 98′ took part in what they like to call the March Madness Tour across the country. This tour celebrated the end of a Covid era, with many cities back to normal operation and 100% capacity. It was important for “the boys” to make sure they could interact with fans and connect with people everywhere. It also meant the band could attend March Madness matches with fans, especially the final four which were held at New Orleans.

Throughout the tour, “the boys” documented the entire trip. Stop number one started between the two Buffalo and Pittsburgh for the first round, followed by ChicagoPhilly, and finally New Orleans. While visiting different towns and college towns throughout the tournament, the group hosted college nights at local bars, fan meet-ups and, of course, visited all of the best restaurants in each city. It created an incredible and memorable experience not only for The Boys Of 98′ but for their nearly one million plus fans in United States as well. The brand was even able to interact with members of the public in each city by interviewing and getting “hot takes”.

The Boys Of 98′ have achieved a humble level of fame, which makes the brand not feel like a job, but about giving back and entertaining. Even some big names sponsored the band like BetOnline for the whole tour. Currently, The Boys Of 98′ are planning a road trip for Season 3, with details coming soon, and America can’t wait!

SOURCE The 98′ Boys