Christ salvation

A Medium’s Path to Salvation

“You know, walking around my house and being scared of being alone, locking all the doors but no one was there, not knowing why…and when I saw dark figures and dark figures…c was scary,” Jennifer Nizza-Hofacker said. .

Jenn was a child when she was introduced to the occult. For Jenn, this was normal and she was encouraged to become a medium herself. “I had been a psychic medium for years. I did other forms of divination, and I actually had my own course in divination.

Jenn described the occult practices she engaged in and taught, “manifestation, chakra balancing, tarot card reading, I was teaching all of that and loved it. J loved this life.

As a psychic, Jenn felt like she was doing good things, like helping people deal with their grief or making important life decisions, but before long she began to realize she was tapping into a spiritual darkness that had serious consequences.

“The supernatural intrigues. So we search for peace, we search for comfort and we search for answers, we search for that compass in our life, but there are two supernatural sources where you can go. And you can go to God, or you can go to the devil, but the devil is very deceptive and manipulative; the long term consequence [of believing the Devil’s deceptions] is eternal separation from God, the short-term consequence is destruction,” Jenn said.

Cara Nizza, Jenn’s daughter, described what it was like to be a child in a household that practiced occult things: “Growing up, you know how to see things and feel things, [it was] very, very scary and that was where a lot of my anxiety came from, and I had full blown anxiety attacks, panic attacks, like frozen in fear just seeing or hearing or whatever thing.

“It got to a point where it was so dark and so harsh, and I just cried out to Christ one day, and I didn’t understand that. I didn’t understand that because I never really knew Him, but He manifested. I know it was Him, there was peace and I felt at peace, but I didn’t understand the experience that left me spiritually vulnerable. I didn’t want to be a psychic anymore, but I didn’t know why,” Jenn said.

Later that year, Jenn reconnected with a friend from her divination class who had become a Christian. She invited Jenn and her family to church. “She told us about Jesus, and she told us about this church, she invited us, my husband went, and he liked the church, and he was like, ‘Jenn, I just want you to come.’ Four weeks later, it took a whole month, and I woke up that day, and I said, ‘I don’t know why, but I want to go to this church today.’ »

Jenn described the experience, “you know, people are loving, their arms are up, the words are on the screen, it was so beautiful. I sing Jesus, save me, the lyrics ‘Jesus, save me and it was like a flashback; I came back to that moment when I had cried out to Him months before, and it was like all of a sudden I knew, it was like a confirmation, it’s Him. You know, I could cry, He saved me. You know, He saved my life, He saved my life forever, like it’s really Jesus, it’s really the Son of God Wow. And I started crying.

Jenn’s heart began to change when she first experienced God’s love.

“And when I got home from that church, the first thing I did was Google, ‘what does the Bible say about psychic mediums’ and there were a hundred verses, and I was like, ‘ oh no.’ In Deuteronomy 18:10-12, ‘you shall not consult or practice any form of divination’ and he mentions the word ‘medium’ and I was like, ‘He is speaking to me’. That was nine years ago. years. That was really the start of my life,” Jenn said.

Jenn put his faith in Christ as Lord of his life, and since then he has used his testimony to tell others about the dangers of the occult. She has written books and posted videos online detailing her experiences to show others the depth of Jesus’ love and mercy.

“I think the gravity of my salvation is so heavy…it requires me to constantly share the gospel, to constantly point to Christ. I want people to see who God is and if even one person is ever reached by these videos, hearing the truth about the demonic nature, and they can walk away from it, thank God. I have seen wonderful things. God works in powerful ways.

Jenn was touched by the opportunity to share what God has done in her life and expressed how grateful she was for his mercy: “Every day I am grateful to him. Every day I’m grateful, and for the way he did it too, because he knows me. He knew what it would take. He let me go to my end, or what people call it, you know, a dead end, and He did it for me. And he gave me another chance.