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A person belonging to another religion cannot be prevented from entering the temple if he has faith in this Hindu deity: Madras High Court

Speaking strongly to a petitioner asking that non-Hindus should not be allowed to participate in the Kumbabishegam festival of Arulmighu Adikesava Perumal Thirukovil in Thiruvattar, the Madras High Court held that a person belonging to any religion should neither be prevented or prohibited from entering a temple.

The petition was filed by a certain C. Soman in the light of an invitation circulated for the conduct of the Kumbabishegam festival where the name of a minister who is a Christian is also mentioned.

Justice PN Prakash and Judge R. Hemalatha tackled the issue with a broader perspective. The court even gave examples of temples playing songs performed by native-born Christian Dr KJ Yesudas and how Hindu devotees regularly visited Vailankanni Church and Nagore Dargah.

Furthermore, the court also pointed out that when a public function such as the Kumbhabhishegam of a temple is exercised, it would be impossible for the authorities to verify each person’s religious identity to allow entry into the temple.

In light of the same, the court dismissed the petition as groundless.

The Court said:

“In our opinion, when a public holiday like the Kumababisegam of a temple is celebrated, it will be impossible for the authorities to verify the religious identity of each devotee for the purpose of allowing their entry into the temple. , if a person belonging to another religion, has faith in a particular Hindu deity, which cannot be prevented and his entrance into a temple cannot be prohibited.It is common knowledge that the devotional songs of Dr. Gods are played without hesitation in temples. In fact, in Nagore Dargah and Vailankanni Church, dozens of Hindus worship “

Case title: C.Soman c. The Secretary, HR&CE and others

Case no: WP® No. 14081 of 2022

Quote: 2022 LiveLaw (Mad) 291

Counsel for the Applicant: MS Murugapandi

Counsel for the Respondent: Mr. Veera Kathiravan, Addl. General Counsel M. M. Lingadurai, Spl. Government litigator for R1 to R3, Mr.K.Sathiya Singh for R4