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Act restrictions and trolls under fire after judge rules little white cross must go

Restrictions on acts and trolls are coming under increasing criticism following a judge’s ruling that a couple’s small white cross should be removed.

Wayne and Bonnie Anderson from the village of Tamarind Grove have been fighting for years to keep a small white cross on display in their home. However, a judge recently dealt a potentially fatal final blow to their legal case.

“I am amazed that this fight continues. It’s not a 6 foot tall flamingo. Nor is it a garish Christmas tree decorated according to the seasons. Let Christians be Christians,” said villager Shelley Brown.

Resident Sharron Navarro said that in a troubled world the cross can be a sign of hope.

“Central Florida has always been conservative with strong Christian leanings. The world is in disarray because the majority has not resisted the complaints of the minority of those whose beliefs are so different from what the majority of our nation has accepted, practiced and enforced since its inception. While I totally agree that there should be limits on decorations in people’s yards, I shouldn’t think a little cross or a Star of David would be offensive,” she said. declared.

Villager Nancy Moran pointed out that crosses are allowed for “seasonal displays”, so what’s wrong with having them all year round?

“The display of small white crosses should be authorized. There is no difference between something displayed 365 days a year and holiday decor displayed for several days or weeks. Will villagers soon be barred from displaying holiday decor? ” she asked.

Villager Elaine Stipetich suggested that trolls who file frivolous complaints with Community Standards are terrorizing neighborhoods in The Villages.

“The whole complaint system is nonsense! If following these act restrictions is so important to The Villages, they need to hire someone to watch people! Relying on vindictive little old women with clipboards, who don’t even live in the area to report people, only gets in trouble! ” she says.

Carol Pirone-Udell said that to be fair, everyone should comply with the act restrictions.

“I believe that if there is a problem with the act restrictions it should be brought against anyone who does not comply and not just with complaints. I would be upset if I was told to remove something because they received a complaint and the house across the street had the same problem, but that’s fine unless someone complains. Really not fair. Community Watch walks. They can see the issues and report them,” she said.

Many residents of Florida’s friendliest hometown say it’s time to take a stand.

“We should not must live in an empty and sterilized environment because “a few” are offended. It’s time for people who stand up for justice to take a stand against tyranny,” Villager said. Sandee Gil.

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