Actor Red Dwarf to star at The Da Vinci Code world premiere

RED Dwarf and Death in Paradise star Danny John-Jules and newcomer Hannah Rose Caton will lead the cast for the world premiere of the very first stage adaptation of Dan Brown’s international phenomenon, The Da Vinci Code.

Danny John-Jules will play Sir Leigh Teabing and Hannah Rose Caton will play Sophie Neveu with an additional cast to be announced before the show arrives at the Mayflower Theater from April 26-30, 2022.

The curator of the Louvre was brutally murdered, and next to his body hides a series of puzzling codes. Follow the thrilling journey as Professor Robert Langdon and fellow cryptologist Sophie Neveu attempt to solve puzzles, leading to the works of Leonardo da Vinci and beyond, deep within the vault of history.

In a thrilling race through the streets of Europe, Langdon and Neveu must crack the labyrinthine code before a shocking historical secret is lost forever.

Producer Simon Friend said, “We have a truly stellar cast and creative team bringing The Da Vinci Code to life on stage for the first time, and with Dan Brown’s full support for the show, we have no doubts we will like it. to dedicated fans. as well as the newcomers to this wonderful story.

Dan Brown added, “I am delighted that The Da Vinci Code is adapted for the stage, and delighted to see the unique potential of live theater enhancing this story. The team that made the production have been true to the book, but will also bring something new to audiences, in what is sure to be a gripping and fast-paced stage thriller and a very entertaining spectacle.

Danny John-Jules is probably best known for his role as Cat in Red Dwarf and has appeared in every episode of Series 13. He also made his character as Dwayne Myers his own in the hit BBC series Death in Paradise. Danny has also appeared in many other film and television roles during his 40-year career as an actor, including Barnum, Cats and creating the role of Rocky 1 in Starlight.

The best-selling detective novel in 2003 became a blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks in 2006.

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