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Amish Member Leaves Religion After Hearing the Gospel and a Powerful Encounter with Jesus

An Amish member left his religion after hearing the gospel for the first time and powerfully encountering Jesus.

Growing up in the Amish religion

Vern Yoder was raised in an Amish community in Kentucky. In the Amish religion, young Vern felt he was never enough for God. At one point, the church disciplined him when Vern broke the rules. He then had to apologize to the congregation.

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“God was love,” he recalls. “But he loved you so much he would punish you.”

Over the years, Vern has struggled to please God. Even when he became an Amish preacher, he never felt safe going to heaven. By then, Vern had already married and had children. Every day he desired to become a better person to be qualified to enter heaven. But the Amish preacher didn’t know what to do. He thought that working for God would be enough. So he worked hard to be a good Amish person but always ended up feeling miserable.

Desperately searching for the truth

As a father, Vern disciplined his children harshly. Soon her marriage began to fall apart. As he was trying to become a good person, his life also started falling apart. He wondered why and cried out to God.

Photo courtesy | YouTube – The 700 Club

Vern desperately asked God for His intervention. He prayed for the truth for the first time. Later, God answered him.

When Vern moved to a new location, he first heard the gospel through a radio while working as a tractor driver. At the end, he prayed with the pastor preaching on the radio. He prayed the prayer of salvation and accepted Jesus into his heart.

Vern began to study God’s Word with his heart. It was then that he felt the scriptures begin to spring from the pages. Soon he shared what he discovered about Jesus with his wife. She then accepted Jesus too.

One day, Vern felt prompted to visit a non-Amish church. So he went down there, and the next thing he knowed, he was filled and baptized with the power of the Holy Spirit. He also heard the audible voice of God!

Reference | Club 700

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