Ardal O’Hanlon reveals VERY exciting news from Death in Paradise – and fans will be thrilled

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Death in paradise fans, listen carefully! Former comedy-drama star, Ardal O’Hanlon, who appeared on the series six through nine show, has revealed some exciting news – and we think viewers will be delighted.

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The actor, who played lead detective Jack Mooney before his 2020 release, told Brendan O’Connor at a recent talk on RTÉ Radio 1 that he was planning to write a memoir about his time on the popular murder mystery.

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While discussing his time filming in Guadeloupe, the actor openly spoke of the challenge he and the crew faced with long days of filming as they worked in extreme heat and weather. “It was a bit chaotic,” he said, adding: “And there were a lot of collapses. It was really interesting to watch. I’m going to do a memoir about it someday, because it was something extraordinary.”

Explaining in more detail working conditions in the Caribbean, the Father Ted the actor continued: “I compare him to Midsomer Murders meets Survivor meets Island of love. It was an incredible, life-changing experience, but hard work. “

“People don’t realize it, people often ask me ‘Why did you quit such a great job?’ corn it’s unbearable, it’s 12 hours a day in excessive heat and humidity, like you’re dying there. It is a real challenge to maintain it year after year. It was happy, but after all you think there must be easier jobs in cooler climates? “

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Ardal spoke about the “life changing” experience of being on the show

Ardal, who is also known for his stand-up comedy work, left the series in January 2020 after three years of working on Death in paradise. It has been replaced by Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps Star, Ralf Small, which is now known and loved to play DI Neville Parker on the show.

Ralf is back in Guadeloupe for the upcoming 11th series, including the very first Christmas special. Like Ardal, The Royle Family star has also opened up to filming in extreme weather conditions.

In June, he shared a video on his social media showing a huge rainstorm interrupting filming. You could see Ralf say to the camera, “This is the song you don’t see on the show!” before turning to her co-star, Joséphine Jobert, joking: “Are you ready for our outdoor stage Jose?”

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