Artist-in-Residence (AiR) 2022 Program: Enter hyper-science – Announcements

Located in Switzerland, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne / Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is a leading university and one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan scientific and technological institutions in Europe.

EPFL hosts more than 350 laboratories on its international campus in the Lausanne region.

Initiated by EPFL College of Human Sciences (CDH), and amplified by EPFL Pavilions, the EPFL CDH Program Artist in Residence (AiR) reflects the mission of the CDH to promote meetings and transdisciplinary collaborations between artists and the scientific community of EPFL, by supporting up to four artists in residence per year.

The program invites emerging and established international artists and creative practitioners for three to four month residencies to deliver innovative and visionary projects at the intersection of art, science and cutting-edge technology.

EPFL CDH AiR 2022 program: Enter hyper-science
The objective of the program is to advance various interpretive and aesthetic avenues around the multiple scientific landscape of EPFL through specific artistic productions. Forging encounters between artists and scientists from different disciplines, the program aims to establish a dynamic, critical and inspiring platform to propel new aesthetic approaches and research within the exponentially developing scene at the intersection of art, of technology, science and the humanities. The program functions as a facilitator and promoter of investigations in multiple directions, many of which will be discovered through the submitted projects themselves.

For its first complete edition, the EPFL CDH AiR program offers four routes:

Open Transdisciplinary welcomes international artists and creative practitioners from all disciplines and media to propose projects that explore the fluid intersection between art, humanities, science and technology and leaves applicants free to suggest direction specific they wish to explore.

Wearable technologies in collaboration with EPFL Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory (NANOLAB) and Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design (LIPID), invites innovative artists and designers, including fashion and jewelry designers, to explore the potential of wearable technology and wearable accessories and to imagine the next generation of smart clothing through creative approaches to general fashion or specific items such as gloves or jewelry.

Interface design and digital animation in collaboration with EPFL Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL), prioritizes artists and designers working in the field of emerging technologies. We invite innovative artists and designers to submit a project to be developed in collaboration with the RRL, and which explores, reinvents and questions the new frontiers of interface design and their applications in prosthetics and robotics.

Scientific imagery in collaboration with the EPFL Imaging Center, favors artists familiar with imaging technologies, CGI, digital practices and more broadly the visual arts. We encourage projects that aim to explore this unique repository of transdisciplinary and inter-scale scope, and to investigate its scientific aspects as well as its aesthetic and visual potential.

Regardless of these suggested profiles, artists from different fields are welcome to apply if they can present a clear justification for doing so in their project.

Who do we want to reach?
Emerging and established Swiss and international artists, with a proven professional background or clear potential, who wish to harness scientific and technological interventions in their artistic endeavors.
We welcome projects in various fields: visual and media arts; film, digital, multimedia and imagery; musical composition, sound and experimental forms of music; experimental design and fashion; critical and speculative literature and writing.

What do we offer?
Travel and accommodation costs in the Lausanne region. Preferably, applicants will reside in the region for the duration of the residency.
Monthly allowance and production budget.
Mentoring and curatorial supervision throughout the duration, including the final presentation of the project.

For detailed information on the program and the application process, please visit our website or read the application guidelines.

Applications should be submitted by November 29, 2021 (midnight CET) to the email address: = (c = c.charCodeAt (0) +13)? c: c-26);}); return false “> applications.CDH-AiR [​at​] preferably in a single PDF.

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