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At Academy of the Holy Cross, Cardinal Gregory says triumph of Jesus’ cross contrasts with injustice of death penalty – Catholic Standard

Celebrating Mass on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross at Holy Cross Academy, Washington, Cardinal Wilton Gregory emphasized how the cross of Jesus is a sign of life and hope , but he contrasted this with the injustice of the death penalty in today’s world. world.

During his homily at the September 14 Mass at the Academy in Kensington, Maryland, Cardinal Gregory explained how Pope Francis recently asked Catholics around the world to pray for the eradication of the death penalty. The cardinal noted that capital punishment has been “unjustly applied against many people” and “unjustly applied to the poor” and people of color.

“Sometimes the death penalty (in other countries) is used as a political weapon to eliminate political opponents,” the cardinal said. “In other words, the death penalty is too often unjust because it penalizes innocent people.”

Jesus Christ dying on the cross is the ultimate example of the death penalty, Cardinal Gregory said, pointing out that a notable difference between other versions of the death penalty and the crucifixion of Jesus is that he does not there is no “triumph” in the other methods of execution. .

“None of them has become a source of fame and attention, no one claims the ‘triumph of the guillotine’ or the ‘triumph of the electric chair’ or the ‘triumph of the hangman’s noose'”, said Cardinal Gregory.

He said the “triumph of the cross” became a symbol of “life, hope, promise and glory”.

The cardinal compared Jesus’ arms on the cross to a “gesture of surrender”, almost as if his arms were about to kiss someone.

“The Academy of the Holy Cross tries to teach you, young girls, I am sure, and therefore from its foundation, the gift of abandonment, the abandonment of your life for the love of others”, has said Cardinal Gregory. He noted how parents make their gesture of surrender every day as they make sacrifices for their children.

After the Sept. 14 Mass at Holy Cross Academy, Father John Serio and Cardinal Gregory speak with 11th graders Emily Staub and Isabella Grijalba, who were altar servers at the Mass. (Holy Cross Academy photo by Chris Lekhavanija)

Among those present at the mass was Holy Cross Sister Sharon Ann Mihm, a 1963 Holy Cross Academy graduate who chairs the school board’s education committee.

Sister Sharon Ann has been a member of the Sisters of the Holy Cross for over 50 years. She attended Cardinal Gregory’s previous Masses on the Feast of the Holy Cross and said she still loved the homily.

“Today I loved the idea of ​​him talking about Jesus on the cross…I could see him giving his loving embrace even on the cross, so every time I look at the cross I’m going to remember how much he loves everyone,” Sister Sharon Ann said.

After celebrating a mass at Holy Cross Academy in Kensington on September 14, Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory posed with a group of Holy Cross Sisters who attended the mass. From left to right, Sister Sharlet Wagner, Sister Brenda Cousins, Cardinal Gregory, Sister Paula Goettelmann, Sister Ruth Marie Nickerson and Sister Sharon Ann Mihm. Sisters Paula, Ruth and Sharon are Holy Cross alumni. (Holy Cross Academy photo by Chris Lekhavanija)

Holy Cross Academy presented Cardinal Gregory with a large check made out to the Archdiocese of Washington’s Community Food Security Program, along with a $1,000 donation.