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Bartlesville High cross-country runners rush into pre-state meet

For Bartlesville High’s cross-country program, the season hasn’t been as smooth as a kitten so far.

injuries, illness and rival commitments have taken their toll on the varsity roster with every encounter, including last week’s gutsy outing at Holland Hall.

But veteran head coach David Ayres hopes Saturday’s pre-state meet in Edmond will begin to stabilize the roster for the October stretch through conference, regional and state meet.

He compiled his list of college girls for the pre-state meet with Emily Lechuga, Lauren Shoesmith, Kate Manley, Reese Savage, Emma Perry, Kara Stose and Rachael Landers.

Shoesmith and Savage were unavailable for last week’s meeting at Holland Hall, in which the Lady Bruins finished fourth.

Bartlesville’s No. 1 runner heading into the season, Gentry Turner, will lead junior varsity at the forestate to focus on getting back to full strength, Ayres said. Turner won the All-State in the Class 6A championships last season.

Landers and Stose will compete to see who gets the team’s eighth spot for next week’s Chili Pepper Run in Arkansas, Ayres said.

On the boys’ side, the Bruins’ pre-state varsity roster will include Tanner John, Russell Miller, Tehi Chibitty, Reed Gorman, Jackson Boudreaux, Ashton Lindsay-Brothers and Kayden Reyes.

John was absent last week due to illness.

Overall, the pre-state competition “is going to be a huge encounter,” Ayres said. “We’ll see a lot of Western schools that we haven’t seen and find out how we compare to them.”

Here are the top 10 college times for Bartlesville girls and boys so far this season.

Note: Jayvee runner Maryann Alvey had two of the Lady Bruins’ top five runs. Alvey, a veteran All-State runner and Wesleyan Christian School track and field medalist, is scheduled to sit out this season from college competition after transferring to Bartlesville High.

Lady Bruins in the top 10 college 5K times 2022

1 — 20:20.82 (Emily Lechuga)

2 — 20:56.24 (Emily Lechuga)

3 — 22:02.2 (Katharine Manley)

4 — 22:18.62 (Katharine Manley)

5 — 22:22.45 (Lauren Shoesmith)

6 — 22:54.15 (Reese Savage)

7 — 23:07.54 (Emma Perry)

8 — 23:43.96 (Emma Perry)

9 — 24:51.78 (Olivia Ontiveros)

10—25:24.24 (Kara Stose)

(Note: Maryann Alvey posted times of 20:53.15 and 22:02.46 in the junior varsity competition).

Bruins among top 10 college 5K times 2022

1 — 18:34.76 (Tehi Chibitty)

2— 18:35.55 (John Tanner)

3 — 18:41.52 (Russell Miller)

4 — 19:05.35 (Russell Miller)

5 — 19:05.38 (Tehi Chibitty)

6 — 19:43.47 (Kayden Reyes)

7 — 19:52.14 (Kayden Reyes)

8 — 20:30.76 (Cade Winter)

9 — 20:34.48 (Reed Gorman)

10 — 20:39.29 (Jesse Espinal-Cruz)