BBC House of Games Richard Osman: Ben Miller’s off-camera life of ex-Inbetweeners star and how he overcame his OCD

Ben Miller is an actor and comedian known for his appearances on The Armstrong & Miller Show, Death in Paradise and Primeval.

Ben, 55, has a long and established career under his belt and has been making audiences laugh since he first appeared on stage with the University of Cambridge Footlights in the late 1980s.

As part of Footlights, Ben starred alongside a number of other familiar faces from the comedy world, including Sue Perkins, Andy Parsons, and David Wolstencroft.

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Ben has spoken about his mental health in his past, especially his journey with OCD.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in July this year, Ben said: “In my twenties I had OCD and eventually recovered with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) .

“The difficult thing was not the CBT; it was admitting that I had OCD, because I was protecting myself from looking at a part of me that was not working well.

“I couldn’t have my current degree of freedom without taking the risk of admitting what OCD was doing to me.”

Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller as a comedy duo Armstrong and Miller

Although Ben has spoken openly about his sanity, when it comes to his personal life he has been a bit more private.

Ben was previously married to actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson, known for playing Will’s pretty mom in the Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners.

The couple have a son who was born in 2006, although they divorced in 2011 and Ben had a son with his second wife Jessica Parker that same year.

Ben and Jessica, a production manager, had another daughter together and got married in 2013.

Open to the Radio schedules Of his divorce from Belinda, Ben said: “I am very lucky, I had a very amicable separation and divorce, but it was still horrible.”

Ben Miller will appear at Richard Osman’s House of Games Night on BBC One at 8:30 p.m. tonight (October 22).

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