Before you die: meet the cast of Channel 4’s new crime drama

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We love nothing more than a gritty drama and Channel 4 ‘brand new crime thriller Before dying is one we can’t wait to get stuck in.

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Based on a Swedish series of the same name, the six-part seems to be an absolutely captivating watch from start to finish and also has a stellar cast. So who will be on the show? Meet the main players below …

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Lesley Sharp plays Hannah Laing

Lesley Sharp, who is perhaps best known to viewers for her role in Scott and Bailey alongside Suranne Jones, directs the cast as Hannah Laing, a retired detective who is determined to find out what happened when her colleague – and lover – is found brutally murdered. Lesley’s other credits include the Netflix series Destiny: The Winx Saga, BBC drama Three girls, and The Full Monty.


Lesley Sharp plays Hannah Laing

Rebecca Scroggs plays Tina Carter

Hannah and Sean’s boss, Chief Inspector Tina Carter, is played by Rebecca Scroggs, who has also appeared in characters like Death in paradise, grace, flack and Doctors. While she had her suspicions about Hannah and Sean’s relationship, more focused on accelerating her career, she closed her eyes.

Patrick Gibson plays Christian Radic

Irish actor Patrick Gibson plays Christian Radic, Hannah’s son who is trying to rebuild his life after being derailed after his parents’ divorce. He hasn’t spoken to his mother since she arrested him and sent him to a 21-month prison term for possession with intent to provide. Viewers will recognize Patrick for his roles in The Tudors, The Passing Bells and The OA as well as the films Tolkien and The Darkest Minds.


Patrick Gibson plays Christian Radic

Bill Ward plays Sean Hardacre

Sean Hardacre, played Bill Ward, is Hannah’s married boyfriend and a fellow DI whose viewers learn early in the series that he was brutally murdered. The 54-year-old actor is known for his soap opera roles as Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street and James Barton in Emmerdale. Most recently, viewers will have seen him in Ricky Gervais’ critically acclaimed Netflix series. After life where he played a character called Simon.

Kazia Pelka plays Dubravka Mimica

Kazia Pelka, who appeared in Brookside and Heartbeat in the 90s, plays Dubravka Mimica, the matriarch of the Mimica family – a tight-knit Croatian brood who moved to Bristol after the Croatian War of Independence. Now based in Bristol, she owns the small pizzeria where Hannah’s son works.


Kazia Pelka plays Dubravka Mimica

Toni Gojanovic plays Davor Mimica

Following the murder of his father by Serbian forces during the war, Dubravka’s criminal son, Davor, assumed the post of head of the household and is a murderous gang leader. Croatian actor Toni Gojanovic, is best known for his Croatian television dramas, including Uspjeh, the border post, and Sixth bus.


Toni Gojanovic plays Davor Mimica

Issy Knopfler plays Bianca Mimica

The youngest of the Mimica siblings, Bianca is not involved – although she is not unaware – of her family’s criminal activities. Just trying to get by and have a good life, by day she is a law student at a local university and at night she works as a waitress in the family restaurant. She is played by newcomer Issy Knopfler, who is the daughter of Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler.


Issy Knopfler plays Bianca Mimica

Vincent Regan plays Billy Murdoch

Colleague Billy Murdoch is called upon to participate in the investigation into Sean’s death. Vincent played Ned Despard in the BBC’s fifth season Poldark and appeared in recent dramas Flesh and blood and Traces.

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