Ben Miller opens up about returning to Death in Paradise ahead of season 11

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Death in paradise Star Ben miller opened up to his potential return to the series for the second time – despite his death in season three.

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The actor, who currently stars in Professor T, discussed with HELLO! about his love for the murder mystery show, and hinted that he would most definitely be ready to return from the dead in both Death in Paradise for Season 11 and Bridgerton.

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WATCH: Ben currently stars in Professor T

He said, “I don’t know, you never know if I could come back from the dead. In Death in Paradise, I definitely got killed with a nice big ice pick in my chest. But you never know what’s going to happen.


Ben returned to Death in Paradise in season ten

Speaking of his return to the Caribbean to film season ten, he said, “You worry that it’s about that time and that time, and that time is over. But being back in scenes, that is. “It felt like we had never left each other. It was kind of like your school reunion when you all got into the same kind of roles. You will find yourself, your family, your friends doing the exact same thing. They all behaved exactly the same and it was amazing. It was great. And the scene was really, really beautifully written and handled so well. ”

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Ben is HELLO’s latest Spotlight star!

On the set, the actor was able to find Sara Martins, who played Camille in the series. “What was really, really wonderful was seeing Sara Martins again,” he explained. “I see Sara from time to time, she’s sometimes in London and sometimes in Paris, but obviously not for two years. There are a few cast members that I keep in touch with. Danny John Jules is another. What was great was that there was always something very, very special about us playing these roles as Richard and Camille.

Read Ben’s full Spotlight interview here.

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