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Bob Dylan used to pick up hitchhikers to talk about religion

In the late 1970s, Bob Dylan shocked fans when the focus of his music shifted towards religion. Dylan was a born-again Christian, and his music showed that clearly. He released three explicitly Christian albums and spoke about his faith with the public. However, on a much more private and personal level, Dylan enjoyed talking about religion with strangers. According to another musician, Dylan enjoyed picking up hitchhikers and telling them about Jesus.

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Bob Dylan embraced religion in the late 1970s

In 1979, Dylan came out slow train coming, an album with explicit references to Christianity. Dylan was raised Jewish but embraced Christianity in the 1970s. According to Dylan, he made this change in 1978.

“Jesus laid his hand on me. It was a physical thing. I have felt it. I felt it all over me,” he said, according to the Independentadding, “I felt my whole body shaking. The glory of the Lord knocked me down and lifted me up.

He studied Christianity and was reportedly baptized, and his music began to reflect his change in faith. Not all of his fans liked it. During one show, the audience called out Dylan’s best-known songs, not his new music.

“If you want rock’n’roll, you can go see Kiss and rock’n’roll to the pit!” he retorted, Vulture.

Bob Dylan picked up hitchhikers to talk to them about religion

If his audience wasn’t receptive, Dylan hoped at least the passengers in his car would be. According to Christian musician Melody Green, Dylan enjoyed picking up hitchhikers and talking to them about God.

“Although he was one of the world’s best-known musicians, he was also the same as anyone who wanted to know more about God – full of passionate questions and new enthusiasm about his spiritual discoveries. said he liked to pick up hitchhikers and tell them about Jesus,” she wrote in the book. No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green. “They never recognized him because they were driving a battered old car and wearing a knit ski hat over his famous curls.”

The musician said he didn’t belong to a specific church

Dylan laid out his religious beliefs in a 1984 interview with rolling stone.

“Well, I don’t think that’s it, you know – this life is nothing,” he said. “There’s no way you’re convincing me that’s all there is to it. I never, ever believed that. I believe in the book of Revelation.

Despite this, he said he did not belong to any particular church.

“Not really,” he said. “Uh, the Church of the Poisoned Mind [laughs].”

He explained that he thought he could find points of agreement with most religions. He also said he would start a religion if he thought it was necessary.

“If I thought the world needed a new religion, I would start one,” he said. “But there are also many other religions. There’s these Indian religions, Eastern religions, Buddhism, you know. They also happen.

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