BritBox July 2021 Schedule Announced

BBC Studios and ITV have announced the BritBox titles for July 2021, which include everything from new BritBox Originals to classic British dishes. BritBox is the largest collection of British streaming television in North America.

The BritBox range for July 2021 includes the second annual “mystery month” of the service. Start the month, Luther, with critically acclaimed actor Idris Elba (Thread, Thor) makes its way to BritBox.

True Crime Drama Also Joins BritBox Mystery Collection In July On the trail of the killers, featuring Silent witness actress Emilia Fox and famous criminologist David Wilson. You can see all the new titles below and let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

BritBox is available for $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year – after an introductory free trial period – on Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV 4th Gen, Samsung, LG and all iOS devices and Android, AirPlay, Chromecast and online at BritBox .com. BritBox is also available on Amazon channels for Prime members and on Apple TV channels on supported devices.

BritBox July 2021 - Wedding of the Century


July 1, 2021: Luther S1-4 | New on BritBox | 16 X 50

A gripping psychological thriller, the series follows maverick detective John Luther (Idris Elba, The Wire, Thor) who works for the Serious Crime Unit. For Luther, his dedication to his profession goes beyond a typical job, and it serves his own idea of ​​moral order.

An additional twist is that his confidante is also his nemesis, Alice (Ruth Wilson, Jane Eyre, Saving Mr. Banks), a beautiful multiple murderer who escapes his grip early on, and with whom he locks himself in a battle. mortal spirit.

Throughout the series, Luther faces a succession of psychological duels between hunter and hunted, predator and prey. We see his capacity for violence as much as for kindness, his sudden vulnerability and his dizzying visionary spirit. Will his personal demons prove to be as dangerous as any of the criminals he pursues?

BritBox July 2021 - Luther

July 6, 2021: In the footsteps of the killers | BritBox Original, North American Premiere, BritBox Exclusive | 3X60

Investigated like a documentary and filmed like a drama, Silent Witness actress Emilia Fox teams up with top criminologist Professor David Wilson to solve Britain’s most heinous murders in this unique crime series. Thanks to Emilia Fox’s extensive research for her role in the hit BBC series, she has become an expert on unsolved cases. Combining their talent with Professor David Wilson’s professional experience in the study of serial killers, the unlikely couple investigate a different unsolved murder in each episode.

The series follows the duo as they base themselves close to the crime and reexamine the evidence for themselves. Meeting with police officers, witnesses, journalists, experts and beyond, the two will march to the murder scene in the killer’s footsteps to resolve unresolved cases.

July 7, 2021: RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2021 | North American premiere, BritBox exclusive

Celebrate the beautiful season with the largest annual flower and garden fair in the world! Held within the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, the event is packed with gardening inspiration, stunning exhibits, expert talks and breathtaking settings.

Murder on the Blackpool Express

July 9, 2021: Murder on the Blackpool Express | North American Premiere, Exclusive | 1X120

Mysterious murder writer David Van Der Clane (Griff Rhys Jones, Not the 9’oclock News) is a household name, but things start to take a turn for the worse for him when his superfans start to get knocked over during a book tour with which he organized coach tour operator Gemma Draper (Sian Gibson, Death in Paradise). As a group of misguided detectives tour the sets of David’s novels, it’s clear the stories come to life.

With no help from the police, the only hope of catching the killer lies with coach driver Terry (Johnny Vegas, Moving On). Are the deaths an unfortunate coincidence, or is there a real murderer among them?

Dial M for Middlesbrough

July 9, 2021: dial M for Middlesbrough | North American Premiere, Exclusive | 1X120

After the murder on the Blackpool Express and death on the Tyne, Gemma (Sian Gibson, Death in Paradise) and Terry (Johnny Vegas, Moving On) are put in danger when their trainer breaks down in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. that they are on their way to a funeral in Middlesbrough. Forced to take refuge in Shady Creek Caravan, the duo encounter an eclectic mix of characters, including site owners Evie and Jed, extraordinarily clumsy chef Susan, 90s events manager and Darren, gorgeous American tourist Chad and the longtime resident Edna.

The most recent additions to the scene include Vacation Award winner Phil, who struggles to get a word out while his other half, Penny, struggles to keep the words from coming out, and bird watchers Neil and Mary. . Will any of them survive the horrors of the grim and dilapidated Shady Creek Caravan Park?

Death on the Tyne

July 9, 2021: Death on the Tyne | North American Premiere, Exclusive | 1X120

Johnny Vegas (The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, Moving On) and Sian Gibson (Death in Paradise) return as Terry and Gemma from Draper’s Tour, leading a star cast aboard a ferry trip to ‘a hectic night across the Tyne.

During the hectic journey, passengers and crew begin to get run over one by one under grizzly circumstances. Will our heroes reach Amsterdam safe and sound?


July 13, 2021: Bergerac | BritBox exclusivity, new on BritBox | 20X50, 52X55, 6X90

Loved as much for his human flaws as for his strengths, Jim Bergerac (John Nettles, Midsomer Murders) is a reformed alcoholic and tough professional with a rebellious streak. The idyllic island of Jersey’s most maverick detective-sergeant, Bergerac’s career and marriage exploded in a fog of alcohol and recriminations.

His bosses are reluctant to get him back on his return to the Foreigners Office after three months of absence, but he quickly proves himself.

Ashes to ashes

July 20, 2021: Ashes to Ashes | New on BritBox, Exclusive | 24 X 60

Swapping out the Ford Cortina for an Audi Quattro, DCI Gene Hunt (Phillip Glenister, Life on Mars, Living the Dream) rolls up his sleeves and embraces the ’80s in the critically acclaimed and hugely popular sequel to Life on Mars. Hunt is joined by veteran DI detective Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes, Honor, Bodyguard), who struggles with her own sense of dislocation after being torn from her current world of sexual equality and respect.

Also appear in the DC series Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster, Life on Mars, Coronation Street) and DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews, Life on Mars, No Angels).

The law project

July 23, 2021: Bill S26 | BritBox exclusivity, new on BritBox | 31 X 30

Based on the life of the cops at the fictional Sun Hill Police Station, The Bill is Britain’s longest-running police procedural drama spanning a staggering 26 years. Watch uniformed officers and detectives at a central London police station enforce law and order on a daily basis in one of television’s most popular soap operas.

July 23, 2021: RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2021 | North American premiere, Exclusive

A sister exhibit of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show which takes place earlier this month, the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show returns to bring the joy of gardening!


July 27, 2021: Whitechapel | New on BritBox | 31 X 30

A murderer stalks the night in Whitechapel, kidnapping vulnerable women and leaving them brutally slaughtered. The locals love and fear and the police remain helpless, with no motive, evidence or hope of catching this barbaric killer. But it’s not the 19th century in the days of Jack the Ripper, it’s now. The case is assigned to DI Chandler, a novice in murder cases and expert in police policy.

Unfortunately, his fellow officers are anything but. Among those officers is DS Miles, the archetypal cynical detective who has seen it all. After receiving a tip, DI Chandler realizes that this modern day killer is copying the infamous Whitechapel murders in great detail. Can Chandler and his fellow officers solve what was not done over 100 years ago?

Wedding of the Century

July 29, 2021: Wedding of the century | BritBox Original, BritBox Exclusive | 31 X 30

On July 29, 1981, a record 750 million people in 74 countries watched Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles exchange vows at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Back then, video technology couldn’t quite capture the detail in all its glory, and everyone except media captured the event on low-quality standard definition video tape. British Movietone shot the ceremony on 35mm film, a format that can be upgraded to today’s 4K resolution. To mark the 40th anniversary of this momentous event, the footage has been lovingly restored by archival specialists, Touchdown Films, to a much cleaner version than ever thought possible. One of the highlights of this new version is the ability to see every detail right down to the folds of Diana’s iconic dress as she steps out of the royal carriage.

The documentary features untold anecdotes from the day and interviews with key insiders involved in planning the record breaking event, including Royal Chief Florist David Longman, who sat down with Diana to create a bouquet fit for a princess, music director Barry. Rose who led the choir inside St Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Navy chief baker David Avery who met Diana before spending 14 weeks creating the wedding cake, and royal photographer Kent Gavin who Diana has personally chosen to photograph the baptism of Prince William.

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