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A new leader has taken the helm of Brock University’s Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts (MIWSFPA).

The Faculty of Humanities welcomed Linda Carreiro to the new position of Associate Dean of Fine and Performing Arts on Monday, November 1.

She joined Brock after leaving the Ontario College of Art and Design University, where she was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

“I’m really excited to work with people from all arts and to work in a more interdisciplinary way with colleagues from across the Faculty of Humanities and across campus,” said Carreiro. She is eager to explore new projects and trajectories, both for MIWSFPA and for her own research.

The arts are important to any campus and community, says Carreiro, who thinks that’s especially true at Brock.

“With MIWSFPA located downtown, it is an integral part of the community and a vibrant part of the arts community,” she says. “People are really keen to support creativity and the arts because they know how important it is to culture and society.”

Carreiro, who also previously worked at the University of Calgary, is ready to take on the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come with this new role, while finding ways to bring the work done at MIWSFPA into the community.

“I look forward to working with the other vice-deans on campus to strengthen the presence of the school of the arts,” says Carreiro. “It is important to find other ways to bridge the gap between the main campus and MIWSFPA, as well as between MIWSFPA and the community of Niagara.

Carreiro, of indigenous descent and settlers, is also interested in working on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, having worked on various program decolonization initiatives in the past.

“I absolutely want to connect with indigenous communities and others and try to make an impact in the right way,” she says. “For example, through priority hiring initiatives, because it’s so important for students to see diverse faces reflected in the people who teach and work with them. “

Carreiro’s creative work explores traces of the physical body in printed text.

“Most of my work is now text-based,” she says. “By openly highlighting the way I do printed words, I try to counter the ways we think about text. “

His work challenges the idea of ​​authoritative written text when it is clean, crisp, and readable, and instead draws attention to its clutter, instability, and subjective associations.

“People can begin to see materials, such as shadows and the surrounding paper, as part of the meaning of the word,” Carreiro explains.

Additionally, her work on what she calls “choreography” explores what happens to our understanding of texts when we are forced to move while reading, and how such movement begins to open up different meanings of words.

“I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Linda Carreiro to the newly created position of Associate Dean of Fine and Performing Arts,” said Carol Merriam, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. “Dr. Carreiro’s work will build on the legacy of MIWSFPA. His experience and expertise will be of great benefit to his colleagues and students at the school, as well as the Niagara arts community.”

The creation of the new post of associate dean replaces the former post of director at the School of the Arts. The new position encompasses more experiences with students while giving the arts greater visibility within the University.

“The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts has been well served by committed and hardworking directors since its opening, and they have done a great job,” said Merriam. “The position of Associate Dean of Fine and Performing Arts is an evolution from this director role to a more visible leadership position. “

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