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Carolina Panthers QB slammed online as ‘awful’ stats emerge

Baker Mayfield and his performances so far this season have been shredded by people on social media following his start to the season for the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers have certainly had a very rough start to the season, as they are now 1-4 after the first five weeks, with little promise of how they will be able to turn things around, even if it looks like a year where they could be looking to make some big noises in the NFC South, especially after bringing in Baker Mayfield to try and solve their quarterbacking issues.

Working with arguably the best dual-threat running back in Christian McCaffrey out of the backfield, as well as DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson out wide, it was hoped he could recreate the kind of magic he did with the Browns from Cleveland, taking them from going 1-31 in the two seasons before it made it to the playoffs in 2020 and once again turning the team from a laughing stock into a serious team.

However, as the record shows, things couldn’t be further from what they’re supposed to be for the Panthers, and if things don’t go well for them on the pitch soon, they might end up having to throw. on the season even before reaching the end of October.

Baker Mayfield feels the heat

Perhaps because of the expectations placed on his shoulders after what happened in Cleveland, Mayfield has faced some serious criticism so far this season, including a recent rant from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. :

Video: Stephen A. Smith denounces the performance of Baker Mayfield:

But his performance is even worse when you look at some of the stats associated with him, including his QB rating, which, as CBS pointed out, is the worst in the league so far:

And there were a number of fans who couldn’t wait to use this as an opportunity to absolutely roast Mayfield, just not as harshly as Smith did in his rant:

Baker Mayfield tweets 2
Baker Mayfield tweets 3
Baker Mayfield tweets 4
Baker Mayfield tweets 5

It really makes you wonder if, after all that’s happened in Cleveland, a place that’s become synonymous with “badly run”, maybe it was Mayfield from the start that was the problem rather than the constant carousel of chaos unfolding above him.

And if he brought that to Carolina with him with his bad game, then the Panthers might be forced to make a decision about him at the end of the season when he becomes a free agent.

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