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ITV’s Manhunt: The Night Stalker arrives on September 20 and follows the actual investigation into the burglar and serial rapist who terrorized south London for 17 years. Martin Clunes is reprising his role as DCI Colin Sutton from the first Manhunt series, which focused on the investigation into the death of Amélie Delagrange.

The 2019 series has proven to be incredibly popular with audiences, mainly due to its true criminal element. It was watched by nine million viewers at the time, so it’s understandable that ITV ordered a follow-up series from Sutton’s second book, which details The Night Stalker affair.

Of course, Martin Clunes returns as a determined sleuth, and he’s also joined by Claudie Blakely, who plays Sutton’s wife, Louise. But the season two cast is mostly filled with newcomers to the show. Read on for everything you need to know about the characters and cast of the series.

Martin Clunes plays Chief Detective Inspector Colin Sutton


Who is Colin Sutton? Colin Sutton is a London Metropolitan Detective Chief Inspector who spent 30 years in the force, where he worked on a number of high-profile cases, including the murder of Amélie Delagrange in 2004. After Sutton retired , he wrote about his experiences of catching Levi Bellfield and Delroy Grant in his memoir, titled “Manhunt.”

Where have I seen Martin Clunes before? Martin Clunes reprizes his role as Colin Sutton after previously playing DCI in the first series of Manhunt, which follows the Amélie Delagrange affair. But he’s also best known for starring in ITV’s Doc Martin as a regular doctor who leaves London to open a practice in the quiet town of Portwenn. Clunes also starred in Men Behaving Badly as Gary Strang opposite Neil Morrisey’s Tony Smart.

Claudie Blakley plays Louise Sutton


Who is Louise Sutton? Louise Sutton is the wife of Colin, who works as a police analyst. The affairs her husband is working on often take precedence over her personal life, causing her to miss family events due to her determination to solve the case. Due to the underfunded and understaffed nature of Operation Minstead, Louise worries that Colin will run out in The Night Stalker.

Where have I seen Claudie Blakely before? Claudie Blakley is reprising her role as Louise from the first Manhunt series, but before that she had roles in Cranford, Lark Rise to Candleford, Midsomer Murders and Grantchester. Blakley also appeared in Pride & Prejudice in 2005 and The Kid Who Would Be King in 2019.

Jude Akuwudike plays Delroy Grant

Manhunt Season 2 Jude Akuwudike

Who is Delroy Grant? Delroy Grant is a serial rapist and convicted burglar who committed over 100 assaults between 1992 and 2009. He mainly attacked elderly women who were living alone.

Where have I seen Jude Akuwudike before? Jude Akuwudike has starred in films like Friday Night Dinner, Death in Paradise and Kiri. He also has a recurring role in Gangs of London and has appeared in several Royal Shakespeare Company productions.

Guy Williams plays DCS Hamish Campbell

Manhunt the night stalker williams

Who is Hamish Campbell? Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell is tasked with examining Operation Minstead, which is tasked with catching the Night Stalker, with the aim of finding out why the team has failed in their investigations so far. DCS Campbell is the one bringing Colin Sutton on board to get a fresh take on the long-standing affair.

Where have I seen Guy Williams before? Guy Williams is a prolific television star, appearing in characters like Father Brown, Mr Selfridge, Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey and The Crown. He also worked with Guy Ritchie on the 2009 version of Sherlock Holmes and The Man From UNCLE in 2015, before also starring in London Has Fallen and Peterloo.

Matt Bardock plays DS Simon Morgan

Matt Bardock manhunt

Who is Simon Morgan? Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan is the lead investigator overseeing Operation Minstead. Morgan has been working on the case for a decade by the time Colin is taken on board, so he’s not really keen to hand the reins over to someone new when he already knows all the finer details of the many attacks being carried out. by the Night Stalker.

Where have I seen Matt Bardock before? Matt Bardock has appeared on a long list of UK shows including Midsomer Murders, Judge John Deed, The Bill, Casulty, New Blood and The Coroner. He is therefore no stranger to police dramas!

Sule Rimi plays DS Neville Hilton

Manhunt Sule Rimi

Who is Neville Hilton? Detective Sergeant Neville Hilton is one of the officers who worked on Operation Minstead under Detective Superintendent Morgan. He helps Colin Sutton understand the reasons for the failure of the investigation, which is largely due to understaffing, which means the team has cut back where it can.

Where have I seen Sule Rimi before? Sule Rimi has been working since 2002 and has appeared in The Story of Tracy Beaker, Casualty, Strike Back, Black Earth Rising and Death in Paradise. He also appears in Starter For 10, Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, Pink Wall, and Ashens and the Polybius Heist.

David Witts plays DC Adam Spier

Manhunt the Nightstalker

Who is Adam Spier? Detective Constable Adam Spier is another of the officers working on Operation Minstead, and he has access to informants on the street who may have leads the team can use. One of these informants is investigating a dubious pawnshop that sells stolen items, including jewelry.

Where have I seen David Witts before? David Witts is a bit younger than some of his co-stars, but he previously appeared in EastEnders as Joey Branning, Recovery Road, Doctors, and I Ship It before joining Manhunt: The Night Stalker.

Diveen Henry plays DC Patricia Henry

Diveen Henry as Tamila Brooks in Death in Paradise

Who is Patricia Henri? Detective Constable Patricia Henry is Operation Minstead’s Family Liaison Officer and is the intermediary between victims and officers directly investigating the various Night Stalker cases. She often has the difficult task of supporting the families of the victims and sees the true scale of the horrific actions of the criminal.

Where have I seen Diveen Henry before? Diveen Henry has appeared on a number of critically acclaimed UK shows including The Thick of It, Luther, Misfits, Black Mirror and The Enfield Haunting. She also starred in other crime dramas like The Bill, Law and Order: UK and Death in Paradise.

Bally Gill as DC Jim Corgan

Bally gill

Who is Jim Corgan? Jim Corgan is a detective agent working under Colin Sutton during the Night Stalker case, he assists DCI in the investigation of the burglar and serial rapist.

Where have I seen Bally Gill before? Bally Gill has a relatively fresh face, but he played Romeo in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet, before also appearing in Netflix’s Wanderlust as Michael Green. After Manhunt, he will appear in Slow Horses, Sherwood and This Is Going to Hurt.

Manhunt: The Night Stalker airs Monday, September 20 at 9 p.m. on ITV. You can order Colin Sutton’s Manhunt: The Nightstalker from Amazon. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.

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