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Airlines are being warned about safety as they reactivate planes stored for months.

The global air transport crisis has seen an unprecedented number of jets parked.

At one point, two-thirds of the world’s fleet was stranded on the ground.

When they return to the skies, regulators worry about everything from maintenance errors to rusty pilots.

The International Air Transport Association says this year has seen a sharp increase in the number of poor landings – some resulting in accidents.

In May, 97 people were killed after a Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed following an unstable approach to the airport.

Now some insurers want to know if carriers offer additional landing training for pilots who have been on long leave.

European regulators say this year has also seen an alarming increase in incidents involving poor speed or altitude readings.

In June, a Wizz Air pilot had to abandon take-off after noticing that the speed indicated zero.

A ground examination revealed insects nestled inside a key sensor.

This after the plane had been parked for 12 weeks.

Similar incidents have caused fatal accidents in the past.

Regulators say long out-of-service periods are also raising concerns, including contaminated fuel and depleted batteries in emergency systems.

Now the airlines have developed training programs for rusty travelers.

But an industry association says pilots need to be honest about their abilities and confidence when they return to duty.

Lives could depend on it.

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Airlines are being warned about safety as they reactivate planes stored for months. The global air transport crisis has seen an unprecedented number of jets parked. At one point, two-thirds of the world’s fleet was stranded on the ground. When they return to the skies, regulators worry about everything from maintenance errors to rusty pilots.

The International Air Transport Association says this year has seen a sharp increase in the number of poor landings, some resulting in accidents. In May, 97 people were killed after a Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed following an unstable approach to the airport. Now some insurers want to know if carriers offer additional landing training for pilots who have been on long leave. European regulators say this year has also seen an alarming increase in incidents involving poor air speed or altitude readings.

In June, a Wizz Air pilot had to abandon take-off after noticing that the air speed read zero. A ground examination revealed insects nestled inside a key sensor, after the plane had been parked for 12 weeks. Similar incidents have caused fatal accidents in the past. Regulators say long periods out of service are also raising concerns, including contaminated fuel and depleted batteries in emergency systems.

Now the airlines have developed training programs for rusty aviators. But an industry association says pilots need to be honest about their abilities and confidence when they return to duty. Lives could depend on it.

The 15 most surprising sex scenes in the movie Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:30:40 +0000

Let’s face it. Sex sells. This is why almost all movies and TV shows have some form of sex or a mention of the intimate act every few minutes. It has become a staple in life, although it is a bit uncomfortable to watch it alone or with friends and relatives.

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Sex is rampant across genres, from vulgar comedies to the latest horror sequel, and even in recent animated TV shows. There is no escaping it. Most of the time, a sex scene can be felt a mile away, but there are only a handful of sex scenes that surprisingly stand out of nowhere. Here are the 10 most surprising sex scenes in cinema.

Updated April 20, 2020 by Mariana Fernandes: Sex has become an inevitable part of cinema over the past few decades. And while some are ridiculously bad and do absolutely nothing in the name of advancing the plot, there are plenty of examples that have done the opposite. These scenes are unexpected, shocking, sensual – and they are everywhere. Because ten just wouldn’t cut it, we’ve dug deeper for some of the best sex scenes from movies you’ve never seen coming.

15 Théodore / Samantha in her

Joaquin Phoenix in it

Joaquin Phoenix’s memorable performance in Oscar-winning film Her would have been memorable with or without the sex scene. The idea of ​​a man falling in love with an operating system is enough on its own to intrigue audiences and gain critical acclaim.

However, the addition of a sex scene – in an unusual way, as all relationships are – left everyone in awe. That’s why it was so brilliant in the first place, adding an even more human dimension to a relationship that obviously shouldn’t even be.

14 Allie / Noah in the notebook

It’s one of those situations that you have to imagine as if it was their very first time watching the movie. Yes, it became very clear from the start that Rachel McAdams’ Allie and Ryan Gosling’s Noah were late in the game.

But that doesn’t make the sex scene that followed a heated argument in the rain any less surprising. Especially when you factor in the fact that Allie was very much engaged to another man before said scene took place. Notebook remains one of the most iconic romantic films of all time, with a surprising sex scene to accompany it.

13 Hazel / Augustus in The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars Title

It’s safe to assume that a good chunk of people have yet to wipe away their tears when they think of the blockbuster. The fault in our stars, based on the young adult novel written by John Green. And if you are one of those people, then don’t worry, because you are definitely not alone.

The love affair between two teenagers with cancer was as heartbreaking as it was sweet. No one expected to see Hazel and Augustus go all the way, but the great thing about this particular scene was how accurately it described the awkwardness and fun of a situation we can all relate to – to some extent, of course.

12 Matthew / Isabelle in The Dreamers

While The dreamers is considered pretty hardcore as it used to be, it still doesn’t come close to the original source material. Still, those who were not familiar with the book that inspired the film were quite surprised by the sex scene between Mathew and Isabelle.

It included his watching brother and some pretty horrific shock value, but that’s what ended up defining the movie. Eva Green’s performance here was worthy of accolades!

11 Rose / Jack in Titanic

Just like with Notebook, the sex scene in Titanic is the one to be watched through the eyes of a 90s moviegoer watching it for the first time and not a 2020 resident who has face-to-face sex every day, thanks to marketing and entertainment industry.

The chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is searing. But a nude portrait followed by a hot session in a car that’s in a boat? No one saw that one coming. And it remains iconic to this day.

ten Nina / Lily in Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky was not doing family ballet with his 2010 Oscar-winning film Black Swan. Instead, the filmmaker made a sizzling thriller that had Mila kunis and Natalie Portman in a delicate situation that might not have been real.

Most of the film has these two colleagues at odds, but in one scene, perfectly set at 69 minutes, the two actresses are engaged in a highly memorable erotic tangle. If Kunis and Portman were a real couple, they would be America’s lovers.

9 Ennis / Jack at Brokeback Mountain

Ang Lee went from a highly stylized martial arts film with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at the romantic cowboy movie brokeback mountain where two formal superhero villains Heath Ledger and Jake gyllenhaal, ended up having a special whiskey night, campfire, and lovemaking that just wouldn’t stop.

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It was the sex scene heard around the world in 2005 that brought the once taboo subject to the fore and ended up changing the cinematic landscape and winning numerous awards. This movie and this specific scene was ahead of its time and was a game changer.

8 Allen / Lucien in Kill Your Darlings

A little-known 2013 film titled Kill your darling centered on some of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Daniel radcliffe played Allen Ginsberg and Dane DeHaan played Lucien Carr in this jazz-infused drama.

There is a surprising sequence where Radcliffe recalled his Harry potter days and used the Engorgio charm and had a provocative sex scene with his friend Lucien. It was an unexpected turn of events in the film itself and it was one of the first films since Hogwarts for Radcliffe.

7 Beverly / Howard in Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck and Lea Thompson in Bed

In 1986, one of the writers of Star wars and Indian Jones and the Temple of Death teamed up with George Lucas and adapted the comic Howard the duck on the big screen. It has become a cult classic since then for many reasons.

One of them is the implicit sex scene between the human Beverly and a duck named Howard, who just met. Dark Overlords traveling through space to destroy Earth, and a young Tim Robbins co-piloting a small plane was more believable than this affectionate little scene between two different species.

6 Maude Lebowski / The Dude in The Big Lebowski

In the Coen Bros. brilliantly written and directed films The great Lebowski, an unlikely couple end up talking about a fictional Metallica tour and family history after an invisible erotic streak.

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The Dude is the complete opposite of Maude Lebowski, a rich and elitist artist, who is passionate about this sympathetic dolt for less than 24 hours. The surprising part comes after Maude tells the guy that she only did the deed with him to have a child that she could raise on her own. It was at least a cause for an overthrown white Russian.

5 Gary / Lisa in Team America: World Police

A light musical with puppets and puppets is not the description of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s feature film Team America: Global Police. the South Park duo set out to make a violent and over the top action-comedy blockbuster with strings attached that featured brutal death scenes, terrorism, musical numbers and a sex scene between two non-anatomically corrected puppets to end all the sex scenes.

No one saw it coming (all pun intended), as the two main characters settle in for a night of loving relationships that quickly turn into various acts of hardcore fetish. There is nothing like it.

4 Maverick / Charlie in Top Gun

Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise in Top Gun

In 1986, filmmakers Tony Scott, Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom cruise decided to make an action drama set high in the sky with Top Gun. The movie catapulted Cruise to superstar rank, but nobody knew it, this movie is actually about someone coming to terms with their own sexuality (Maverick is gay and can’t cope).

That’s why it’s so shocking that he’s having an erotic scene with Charlotte AKA Charlie instead of his main man Goose. Once Maverick realizes the mistake, he burns himself out, riding his motorbike with a tear in his eye. It was a complete surprise.

3 Alex DeLarge / Devotchkas in a Clockwork Orange

Stanley kubrick take from A clockwork orange in the most perfect way. His use of music, impeccable camera movements, and vision to tell this virtually inexpressible story on the big screen has been a major feat in filmmaking. The only consensual sex scene in the film is the most surprising because it occurs instantly and on a large scale to the gleeful tune of the William Tell opening.

Alex DeLarge walks through a local music store and uses a two-woman pickup line, which immediately jumps to the next scene and Overture as an accelerated orgy begins at her parents’ house in the middle of the afternoon.

2 Flamingos cookies / crackers

Flamingos movie

John Waters is no stranger to sex and perversion. In fact, he could be the godfather of evil deeds in the film. 1972 was the year that gave the world John Waters internationally with Pink flamingos it’s infamous for more than just an act of depravity.

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There’s one sex scene in particular that stands out where the Cookie and Crackers characters have a go at sex, but a giggling chicken somehow gets between them and ends up being run over. There are no words other than if John wick was involved and a propensity for chickens, this would have been a different movie.

1 Dr Harford / Secret Evening in Eyes Wide Shut

Nothing should come as a surprise in a Stanley Kubrick film, but the iconic filmmaker’s last film climax came in 1999. Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole kidman it turned out to be the best Christmas movie ever made. Something peculiar happens throughout the film with the marriage, the vacations, and the trust issues.

It all culminates in a grand aristocratic sex orgy in which Tom Cruise walks and watches his way through a mansion of hedonism. There are loads of different sexual acts happening on screen as the camera slowly shifts with each encounter. There hasn’t been a movie like this since.

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10 Jumanji: The Next-Level Memes That Are Truly Next-Level

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Modesto restaurant opens one year after COVID-19 delays Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:30:40 +0000

The week

Pfizer and Moderna fall after Biden administration backs COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver

The United States will advocate for the lifting of patent protection against the COVID-19 vaccine during discussions with the World Trade Organization, Trade Representative Katherine Tai said on Wednesday. The Biden administration “strongly believes in protecting intellectual property,” Tai said in a statement, but the White House will support the waiver given the “extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The administration has faced pressure to back the measure, which aims to boost immunizations around the world – especially in countries with spike in infections, like India – without having to rely solely on exports. These extraordinary times and circumstances call for extraordinary measures. The United States supports lifting of intellectual property protection on COVID-19 vaccines to help end the pandemic and we will actively participate in @WTO negotiations to achieve this. – Ambassador Katherine Tai (@AmbassadorTai) May 5, 2021 Supporters were happy with the news, but soon after Tai’s announcement, stocks from drug companies that produced vaccines, including Moderna and Pfizer, have fallen. It seems to me that the Biden administration has decided to put its weight behind a patent waiver on Covid vaccines. This is what it does to the stock prices of vaccine manufacturers. – Kiran Stacey (@kiranstacey) May 5, 2021 It is still unclear whether the protections will actually be lifted as the 164 WTO members will have to agree on the issue, but the support of the states- States should definitely move the needle. Nervous Breakdown In America Is Right On TimeMitch McConnell, Asked About Liz Cheney Purge, Says ‘100% Of My Goal Is To Stop’ Biden The GOP Puts All His Eggs In A Dangerous Basket

Over a quarter of adults in Northern Ireland obese, health survey finds Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:30:40 +0000

More than a quarter of adults in Northern Ireland are now classified as obese, according to a Department of Health survey.

Among the survey results, 27% of adults were classified as obese and an additional 38% were overweight.

This represented an increase in the obesity rate from the 2010/11 result of 23%. While obesity levels were similar, men were more likely than women to be overweight.

About three-quarters of children aged 2 to 15 were classified as normal weight (69%) or underweight (5%), while 20% were classified as overweight and 6% as obese.

Since 2010/11, the proportion of children classified as overweight or obese has remained at relatively similar levels.

The department released its annual health survey on Thursday covering the period April 2019 to March 2020. The sample size was 4,085 people aged 16 and over.

Other findings included that nearly three-quarters of those surveyed (71%) described their health as good or very good, with self-rated general health remaining at a relatively similar level over the past ten years.

Less than a third (30%) of people reported having a long-standing physical or mental health problem that reduced their ability to carry out daily activities, with 28% of men and 33% of women reporting problems.

Less than a fifth of adults (17%) are currently cigarette smokers. This is a similar result from 2018/19, but the prevalence of smoking fell by 24% in 2010/11.

People living in the most deprived areas (27%) were more likely to smoke cigarettes than those living in the least deprived areas (10%).

A small proportion of people (6%) said they currently use e-cigarettes, a similar result to the previous year (7%).

About three-quarters of adults aged 18 and over drink alcohol, of which 80% are men and 73% are women.

Less than a fifth (17%) drink above the recommended weekly limits, with men (26%) about three times more likely to do so than women (9%). One-fifth of male drinkers (19%) drank at least three days a week, compared to 10% of female drinkers.

Less than half of people (44%) reported consuming the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, an increase from the 2010/11 result of 32%. Women continue to be more likely to meet the 5-a-day recommendations (50%) than men (38%).

About a fifth of those surveyed (19%) scored well on the GHQ12 (general health questionnaire), suggesting that they might have a possible mental health problem; this is a similar result to that recorded in 2010/11 (20%).

Respondents from the most disadvantaged areas (27%) continue to be more likely to have a high GHQ12 score than those from the least disadvantaged areas (17%).

One-fifth of people (21%) showed signs of loneliness scoring high on the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

Respondents living in urban areas and those in the most disadvantaged areas were more likely to show signs of loneliness than those in rural and least disadvantaged areas respectively.

Belfast Telegraph

Facebook calls for new legal deadline to block order to suspend transatlantic data transfers – TechCrunch Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:00 +0000

Facebook Fires Lawyers in Attempt to Stop EU Regulators from Forcing It to Suspend Transatlantic Data Transfers Following a historic decision by the highest court in Europe this summer.

The tech giant has asked Irish judges to seek judicial review of a preliminary stay order, it has revealed.

Earlier this week Facebook has confirmed that it has received a preliminary order from its main European data regulator – the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) – ordering it to stop transfers.

This is the logical conclusion after the Schrems II ruling that overturned a flagship data transfer agreement between the EU and the US on the grounds of excessive US surveillance – simultaneously casting doubt on legality alternative mechanisms for data transfers from the EU to the US in cases the data controller is subject to FISA 702 (as Facebook is).

Today Currency reported that Dublin commercial law firm Mason Hayes + Curran filed documents with the Irish High Court yesterday, appointing the Irish data protection commissioners as a defendant in the judicial review action.

Facebook confirmed the app – sending us this statement: “A lack of safe, secure and legal international data transfers would have damaging consequences for the European economy. We urge regulators to take a pragmatic and proportionate approach until a long-term sustainable solution can be found. “

In other remarks, the company did not want to be directly cited, they told us they believed the preliminary order was premature as they said they expected regulator directives following the Schrems II judgment.

It is not known what other directions Facebook wants, nor what grounds it claims to seek judicial review of the CPD process. We asked him about it, but he declined to provide details. However, the tech giant’s intention to (more) delay regulatory action that threatens its business interests is crystal clear.

The initial complaint against Facebook’s transatlantic data transfers dates back to 2013.

The Irish legal system allows applications for ex parte judicial review. So all Facebook had to do to file an application with the High Court to challenge the DPC’s preliminary order is an explanatory memorandum, a verification affidavit, and an ex parte record (plus relevant court costs). Oh and you had to be sure that these documents were submitted in A4 format.

DPC Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle declined to comment on the latest twist in the never-ending saga.

Lisa Faulkner was “over the moon and scared” after becoming an adopter Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:00 +0000

Lisa Faulkner and her daughter Billie at the O2 Arena in east London. (Matt Crossick / PA Images via Getty Images)

Lisa Faulkner described the difficult fertility struggles she went through before adopting her daughter Billie.

Faulkner and her ex-husband Chris Coghill adopted Billie, now 14, in 2008 when she was 15 months old after struggling to conceive.

In a new interview with Pause, the old one EastEnders The star said she wanted to get pregnant “immediately” after deciding to become a mother.

Watch: Councils must abandon narrow-mindedness about who can adopt children – Minister

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“I got pregnant after about six to eight months of trying, but unfortunately it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy, I collapsed on the set and had to have a tube removed,” he said. the 48-year-old told the publication.

Lisa Faulkner attends the Samsung Home Innovation Space, designed by Kelly Hoppen at Harrods on September 3, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for Samsung)

Lisa Faulkner in 2013 (Stuart C Wilson / Getty Images for Samsung)

After three IVF failures, Faulkner said she was “emotionally and financially drained” and considered a number of options before deciding to adopt in the UK.

“It was a tough time and it wasn’t an easy decision, but once I realized I didn’t have to grow a baby to love it, that was it,” a- she declared.

“We (my ex-husband and I) adopted our daughter in 2008 and she is the best thing in the world.”

Faulkner added: “The excitement of being approved as an adopter and knowing that we had been matched with a child was the most incredible feeling.

“I had the same feelings as when I found out I was pregnant. I was over the moon and I was very scared at the same time. “

Listen: Lisa Faulkner and John Torode chat with Kate Thornton on Question time on white wine

Billie came to live with Faulkner and Coghill just six weeks after they paired up with her.

Read more: Phillip Schofield’s colleagues feared he might die from weight loss

Faulkner and Coghill divorced in 2011 and she went on to married celebrity chef John Torode last year, with the couple ready to celebrate their first anniversary this weekend.

They met when Faulkner won Celebrity chef in 2010 and continued to this day in 2012.

Their wedding on October 24, 2019 brought together many famous faces, including Gregg Wallace, Amanda Holden and Tamzin Outhwaite.

Watch: John Torode Gives A Bit Too Much For Celebrity chef challenge

I’m not pregnant, I’m just bloated: my adoption journey Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:00 +0000

As an adopted adult in a same-sex relationship, I didn’t expect it to be difficult to let go of the idea of ​​being pregnant. Once I did, I found myself faced with some hard truths about adoption.

When my ex and I started talking about expanding our family, we decided to try insemination first. When that didn’t work, we went for adoption.

And we tried to get pregnant – my God, it’s not like we does not have try.

Partnering with another woman means “trying” is always intentional. When planning to conceive through insemination or in vitro fertilization, there are no #oopsie conversations that lead with, I don’t know when or how THAT happened!

We looked at the books of possible sperm donors and when we landed on “that one” we ordered his sperm and made the necessary appointments at the fertility clinic.

We decided that our first attempt at insemination would be on our own, in our home, because we wanted to create a loving and romantic space. We thought it would help the process energetically.

So the bath was pulled out, the candles lit, the vibrator nearby, and we were ready to immerse ourselves in the experience through an intentional – and shall I say, awkward ritual. I thought it would be MAGIC, and obviously it would work. The first time.

HA! At the time, we lived in a bungalow with a bathroom and a very small tub. I’m 5’10 “and my ex-partner is 5’11” – so we couldn’t both sit in a small tub.

Hell, me installing in a small tub is hardly an option unless I’m cool to have one half of my body in the water while the other half is freezing in the open.

And while we did everything we thought we had to do, I didn’t get pregnant. Not this time… nor the 8 more times we tried. We had to change our plan if we wanted to expand our family, as getting pregnant through insemination was no longer an option.

I should clarify that I am an adopted adult who has two adopted siblings and now two adopted children. I love adoption.

Naturally, I thought that I would have no problem adopting adoption as the way we have grown our family. But I was wrong.

Releasing the idea of ​​being pregnant was much more difficult than I expected. I had been the victim of society’s messages about the worth and pregnancy of a woman.

In our culture, pregnant women are glorified and put on a pedestal – if they present themselves as the “right” type of pregnant woman.

We take wonderful maternity photos, we congratulate pregnant women who work grueling hours, we celebrate pregnant women who train and do everything during their pregnancy. We are talking about having a child “yours” – a mini-me.

I mean, my God, check out all the Instagram posts of women dressed like their babies.

In our culture, we send the message that choosing to be pregnant elevates your worth in the world. And who the hell wouldn’t want to feel worthy?

I felt as disappointed as anyone when I realized that pregnancy was not going to happen to me.

But we were determined to grow our family, and adoption was the path we took. So our adoption journey began.

When I think back to the adoption process – with all the paperwork, the house calls, the interviews; combing through our financial statements and working history; the interview of friends – I often wonder why no one asked us this very simple and critical question.

I think our population would decline by the millions if this was the test families were given before they had children.

Either way, we’ve done ALL the things you could do when your life is under the microscope so that someone else can determine if you are fit to parent. We even baked cookies to make our house smell good when the social worker came for our house maintenance and inspection.

Being a same-sex couple, several agencies told us that we shouldn’t even adopt.

We were told that we were “ruining everyone” (that still puzzles me), and that adopting a black baby would be one of the ways to ensure that we are chosen quickly and that we wouldn’t have to wait too long.

And we were told that if we were open to adopting a black male baby our odds would be even better because they are harder to place.

PLEASE re-read this last sentence.

We were given the message – loud and clear – that black baby males and black children in general are more difficult to place.

Not so long ago, in the world of private adoption, the cost of adopting a black baby was actually less than the fees adopt a white baby. Fortunately, this practice no longer exists, at least not with the agencies we have worked with.

Well, we said yes to adopting a colored child. In fact, it was more of a damn, yeah, because back then (and still to this day), we didn’t care what our family looked like. We didn’t care if our family became a transracial family.

Looking back, we should have spent more time taking care of ourselves. The agencies we worked with should have spent more time educating us on what this really means for a family, especially the black baby or child.

When it comes to the work that needs to be done in our country to dismantle racist systems, private adoption agencies as well as the foster care system certainly have their work cut out for them.

It comes from someone who truly loves and believes in adoption and foster care. It is difficult for me, as a white woman who is not only adopted, but also extended my family by adoption, to admit this truth.

So we started the waiting process. We waited and waited and waited… and I think you get it.

We were eventually matched with a pregnant woman and planned to adopt her baby. Three weeks before her delivery, we received an email stating that she had changed her mind.

That was it. It is the closure that we received after creating a picture in our mind of what our life would be like with a new baby.

And that’s when I realized that it was essential to release the grip on my vision of what this experience would be like.

I couldn’t go through this process unless I posted some – no, most – of the expectations I had around the whole adoption journey.

Finally, we got a match. It was as solid as these things can get – which really means no solid ground to stand on. But as most (if not all) families who choose adoption know, you learn to find your place on the most volatile surfaces, and you just have to.

So began the next part of the journey: parenthood.

Because the universe works in such a fascinating way, 3 years later we found ourselves diving back into adoption head first.

The adoption process is as unique as the children you adopt, so letting go of a previous experience is essential to ensure that you are open to whatever to expect in the next experience.

When I speak with families who have a grip on the idea that they MUST get pregnant to make their families bigger, I ask them: what is your ultimate goal? Is it to live a pregnancy? Transmit DNA? Or is it just to expand your family?

If it is the latter case, then it is important to let go of preconceived ideas about what starting a family might look like.

You have to accept the truth: you can travel to your destination on many different routes, and accepting this will help ease the travel bumps.

reEbbie scheer is a speaker, emcee, profits auctioneer, and humor strategist who resides in Denver, Colo., with her two children. Debbie talks about a variety of topics including sober living, parenting, transracial adoption, GLBTQ +, grief and resilience, privilege and mental health. When Debbie isn’t talking, moderating, or fundraising for nonprofits, she can be found forcing her kids to hike with her in the Colorado mountains.

]]> “Almost Christmas” review: a cookie-cutter holiday comedy in style Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:59 +0000

Over the years, the family Christmas comedy packed home for the holidays has evolved into a rather odd ritual: a sugar cookie covered in bitter sprinkles. When a movie like “Almost ChristmasComes out, regardless of the fact that it’s not even almost Christmas. As long as the word “Christmas” is in the title, many of us will be drawn to the Pavlovian anticipation of a movie full of toasted and old-fashioned Christmas feelings. But, of course, that’s only half of what the genre has to offer now. Since the ’80s, when John Hughes and “A Christmas Story” reconfigured the holiday movie into something that fuses nostalgia with stunning yocks, there has been a how far can you go? quality at the annual rite of the megaplex Christmas film. We want these movies to end with a big lump in our spiritual throat, and they always do, but the way we want to get there is to get through as much family misery and backbiting as possible. If Frank Capra were alive today, the movie he would make would be called “It’s a Dysfunctional Life”.

A bad Christmas movie can give off all the warmth of a TV log, but David E. Talbert, the writer-director of “Almost Christmas,” assembled a talented cast and gave them the chance to stretch out and play with their roles. . He made a festival of heartwarming groans and groans that presses a lot of buttons, but with exuberant and heartfelt liveliness. Even when the plot comes out of the soap opera (or sitcom) cookie cutter, “Almost Christmas” is imbued with winning doses of personality. It’s a chill-out movie: you know you’re watching an engineering piece of confectionery (that’s part of its domestic appeal), but the fun these actors have with their roles is something that can’t be faked. .

The film quickly takes away the seasonal good humor. Walter Meyers, played by Danny glover in great shape, is a saint weary of a patriarch, a retired mechanic who owned a chain of auto stores and is now preparing to spend the holidays with his four grown children and their spouses and children. They were invited to show up at his spacious old home in Birmingham five days before Christmas, only this year the reunion is bittersweet: it’s the family’s first Christmas since Walter’s wife Grace died. and the movie returns to show us a relationship that has been a 45-year-old domestic romance, which began in the heyday of “Ain’t No Woman” in the early ’70s. Even when their house was overflowing with chaos of the children (including a fourth “surprise” in their forties), they have kept their intelligence and affection, and their roots in an older and better world symbolized by Grace’s recipes, especially her sweet potato pie.

Walter keeps trying to recreate this pie with disastrous results, but that’s the least of his problems. You know the drill: the moment this family comes together under one roof, it falls apart. You can tell where a lot of things are heading from the first few scenes, although that doesn’t mean there isn’t a basic gratification in seeing the pieces come together. Gabrielle Union plays Rachel, a recently divorced mom who tries to reinvent herself by going to law school (which she can’t afford), and when she meets Malachi (Omar Epps), the adult child of à aside, she avoided going to the prom with, we know exactly where this one is going. Union, however, is charming: she plays Rachel with a beaming smile that can’t disguise her glimmers of financial fear.

The real drama lies in the merciless rivalry between Rachel and her overperforming big sister, Cheryl (Kimberly Elise), who can’t resist the urge to sting her brother when she’s down. Her hostility might seem a bit exaggerated if the film didn’t point out to us that Cheryl kept a lid on her own pot of boiling frustration – the one who was just married to Lonnie (JB Smoove), a lazy cutup and former professional basketball player who finds a way to turn every situation into a solipsistic stand-up routine. He seems harmless – and the timing of JB Smoove’s quick break and the hanging dog’s aggression keep us hooked – until it turns out he has a serious wandering eye. When Rachel finds out that he took advantage of a chat with a supermarket clerk (played by stage thief Keri Hilson), she “innocently” invites him to Christmas dinner – a time bomb with a big payoff.

The film sprinkles big, wide laughs, a handful of which are blatant, like a muffled “Home Alone Lite” sequence with Lonnie setting up an electric Santa sculpture on the roof, or an incongruous piece of scorching slapstick in which Malachi, from behind , help take Rachel off a window. But one of the strengths of Talbert’s human commercialism is that even when he goes offshore, he tends to do so with timing and style. Meaning more or less everything that Mo’Nique says. She plays Aunt May, a former backing vocalist to rock stars around the world, and whether she serves her disgusting fusion recipes or expresses herself with obscene enthusiasm (“I have vibrators older than this kid!” she says of a young man giving her the eye), Mo’Nique makes her a thug who will – hilariously – hammer out weak spots in anyone within earshot. She also leads a great multigenerational cooking dance, winning it with her moves on Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip”. Most of the time, however, she looks like the first woman to be dismissed from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for being too mean.

Unless you think it’s a spoiler to reveal that a Christmas movie has a happy ending, I’d say “Almost Christmas” culminates in a compelling craze of hugs, reconciliations, blossoms of romance, one character. key deciding not to go through with sneaky real estate transaction and a very fair divorce. Even 74 years ago, in “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1942) – and a hundred years before that, in “A Christmas Carol” (1843) – Capra and Dickens realized that the best way to give an audience that warmth and- the warm vacation feeling was to allow them to peek into the abyss. What’s the point in being saved by all this Christmas love if you don’t know what you are saved from? The funny thing is, we now live in times so emotionally fractured that the stress and comedic conflicts that animate a movie like “Almost Christmas” are the very essence of its sentimentality. The message is that things will get better, but the real message is: if you have a family that looks like this, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Battlefront II ‘brings fun fan service to Cloud City Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:59 +0000
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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains plot details of Star Wars Battlefront II.

The Cloud Car is spending a while Star Wars Battlefront II.

These wacky-looking atmospheric vehicles first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, but they were never successful. It only takes a quick glance to understand why.

They’re painted an ugly shade of burnt orange, they’re piloted by the sky cops of the cloud city of Bespin, and they don’t seem to be doing particularly well. This second cockpit is where a gunner sits, but … why? They aren’t particularly well armed to begin with, and Bespin isn’t exactly a hotbed of hostile activity (unless the shady city administrator makes a pact with the Empire, i.e. ).

Just look at that stupid thing.

The Cloud Car is essentially the DeLorean of Star wars universe: Oddly striking to look at, but not really useful as a real vehicle.

And even. Star Wars Battlefront II puts the Cloud Car at the forefront in a memorable mission that takes protagonist Iden Versio to Bespin. Iden and his pal Del Meeko are there on a secret mission to infiltrate the Empire-owned floating metropolis and cause troublesome trouble. After sneaking inside and dressing up as basic Stormtroopers, they spot a familiar sight.

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“No real pilot would ever fly one,” Iden says, virtually guaranteeing that she herself will soon be piloting one. And she does! I have to love it when a video game uses foreshadowing.

Later in the mission, Iden and Del are discovered and forced to speak out loud as they search for a way to complete their mission, then escape. A nearby landing pad appears to hold the answer: two TIE fighters, ready and waiting.

A pitched battle ensues as they fight their way to their only real possibility of escape. It’s a bad scene, but it’s worth it, right? TIE fighters, man! TIE fighters.

Not really. Enjoy the epic fakeout.

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For all the controversy that engulfed Battlefront II as he’s about to go out, remember there’s always deliciously geeky and fan-laden service. Star wars history to discover. I loved this moment, right down to the “Settle in for a Cloud Car” mission objective text.

There are plenty of moments like this scattered around Battlefront II, and they’re the main reason I kept pecking at story mode even after I finished it. I wanna find all those geeky little nods.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 17.

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Tucker Comments on Victorian Pseudoscience, Romance Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:59 +0000

Jennifer tucker

The pseudo-scientific myths about love and sexuality that abounded in the Victorian era, many of which seem “cruel and oppressive” by today’s standards, might also offer women relief from “gender politics.” rigid ”of the time, according to associate professor of history Jennifer Tucker, who comments on the subject for a Widely article.

For much of the 19th century, the Western world was fascinated by a variety of pseudosciences, or theories that lack a basis in the scientific method.

“The definitions of science were malleable and hotly contested in the 19th century,” said Tucker, who is also an associate professor of science in society, an associate professor of feminist, gender and sexuality studies, and an associate professor of environmental studies. . “Far from being on the fringes of intellectual life, spiritualism and other unconventional forms of knowledge have often provided Victorians from different social backgrounds with a way to question scientific authority and ask what mattered. as a science proper, or as a ‘science’ practice. ‘”

“One of the great myths about the Victorian era [was] that he was sexually repressive; on the contrary, Victorian society was obsessed with sexual reform, heterosexual and homosexual love, lust and sex (as well as the control of sexual desires), ”Tucker added. “Love and sex were both controversial and politicized.”

Pseudo-scientific theories included phrenology (which was used to explain the different propensities of men and women for love and sexual desire); the use of love potions made from dangerous ingredients such as arsenic and belladonna; beauty masks made from raw beef; remedies for low libido such as bull testicles; and vibrators used to treat “hysteria” in sexually frustrated women.

According to the story, “The Victorians were also surprisingly progressive on what would eventually evolve into more enlightened views on the genre..

“The Theosophists [occult philosophers] believed that life in male and female bodies taught different lessons; for some it meant that it was necessary for the Ego to incarnate several times as a woman and a man, ”explains Tucker. “Many theosophists believed, for example, that in their evolutionary progress, men reincarnated as women and women as men. Therefore, at some point, as one proponent of this theory put it in 1892: “We have … men in women’s bodies and women in men’s bodies.”