Charlotte Black Pride returns

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – After a year-long hiatus in hosting in-person pride events, which organizers say made the LGBTQ + community feel cut off and isolated, Charlotte Black Pride returns on Sunday.

The week-long event will celebrate the fun and inclusion of Charlotte’s LGBTQ + community.

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Charlotte Black Pride returns Sunday July 11 with a week of events

The Pride event runs through July 18 with a variety of events scheduled

Charlotte Black Pride marks the return of in-person pride events to Charlotte after COVID-19 caused delays and cancellations last year

Starting Sunday with the Ms. Charlotte Black Pride and Ms. Charlotte Black Pride Female competitions, the week will feature speakers, dancers, a workout and spirituality session and other events.

The week ends July 18 with The Sky Line Brunch, which requires a ticket.

For a full breakdown of the program, check out the Charlotte Black Pride website here.

Some of the people responsible for organizing the week-long event might be even more enthusiastic than the attendees.

For example, Veronica Daughety, Charlotte’s Black Pride chaplain, is especially happy to be back with friends and colleagues.

“Just to get together as a family and love each other, not to be afraid to hold your partner’s hand, not to be afraid to wear your colors, not to be afraid of being discriminated against or ostracized,” Daughety said.

When not helping at pride events, Daughety leads a physical and spiritual fitness ministry aimed at helping others find peace with religion and their bodies.

“One day I decided to get up and start working out at the gym. And I’ve lost over 120 pounds and right now we’re sitting outside the studio that I use to help other people, ”Daughety explained.

The same passion is reflected in her work for Charlotte Black Pride.

“Pride is extremely important to the community because we are a minority,” added Daughety.

As a lesbian, Daughety serves as a chaplain and promotes the health and wellness of the LGBTQ + community and her fellow Charlotte Black Pride board members.

But, after a long year and a half of isolation from COVID-19, she is happy that the days of not being able to train with them, in person, are over.

“It was really taxing for us, you know, to spend a moment of being able to see each other, the next moment without any contact,” Daughety reflected.

Across town, another board member is also excited.

Rell Lowery is set to celebrate his first in-person pride as a member of the Charlotte Black Pride Board of Directors. He serves as a transgender liaison, dealing with transgender relationships and programming.

“To make sure our ‘T’ isn’t silent. To make sure our needs are met, to make sure I bring what our community needs to the table, ”Lowery said of his role.

Lowery was born and raised here and stepped out into the LGBTQ community as a teenager. He then became transgender about seven years ago.

He remembers his first pride at the age of 18 and said these events can make a huge difference to people.

“Seeing a whole room of people who looked like me and embraced me and understood our life. It was a pivotal time, and it let me know that everything was fine, ”Lowery said, looking back.

Lowery will take on some hosting and organizing duties during the Charlotte Black Pride program week, hosting a Town Hall on Transgender Rights Protection.

It’s a busy week being the voice of the people he thinks need it.

“You can be who you are called to be, and you don’t have to be ashamed of it, and if you’ve never seen a transgender person before, now you are. Know that Charlotte Black Pride wishes you the best. welcome, Charlotte Pride welcomes you and Charlotte as a whole hugs you, ”Lowery said simply.

To view the full schedule of Charlotte Black Pride events, please visit their website.

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