Chris Conran apologizes to Jessenia Cruz, says “death threats” against Alana Milne “must stop”

In an explosive episode of Baccalaureate in paradise, Chris Conran found himself embroiled in feelings for Alana Milne and Jessenia Cruz. While Chris started Paradise with a close bond with Jessenia, he continued his feelings for Alana and was ultimately left out of the series. After watching the episode for himself, Chris took to Instagram to issue a formal apology to Jessenia and “beg” fans to stop sending death threats.

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The love triangle of Chris Conran, Jessenia Cruz and Alana Milne in “Bachelor in Paradise”

Jessenia entered Heaven thinking of two people: Ivan Hall and Chris Conran. As Ivan was there first, the two hit it off. Thanks to the producers, Chris didn’t take long to introduce himself. When he did, Jessenia decided to pursue a relationship with him.

Fast forward to the September 7 episode of Baccalaureate in paradise, when Chris and Jessenia seemed to have one of the strongest relationships on the beach. Once again, the producers called for the ringer – Chris’ other potential prospect and the rumor of “home girlfriend” Alana Milne arrived.

Chris immediately pulled Alana aside to speak. Moments later, they started kissing as Jessenia watched. When Alana asked Chris for a date the next day, many other Paradise guests got angry. In the end, Joe Amabile and Riley Christian told Alana and Chris that they should leave Heaven if they found love.

Chris Conran apologizes to Jessenia Cruz for his actions on ‘BiP’, reinforces that he was not in a relationship

After the September 7 episode of Baccalaureate in paradise, many fans were outraged by Chris’s behavior. “Finally, I watched the episode, and I think there are a few things to say,” Chris posted on his Instagram Stories on September 8 (via Reddit). “First and foremost, I take full responsibility for my blatant disrespect for Jessenia and the mismanagement of the situation.”

Chris says he contacted Jessenia to apologize after returning home. “I want to reiterate my sincere apologies to him now,” he adds. “My past behavior doesn’t reflect who I am or who I want to be. I never intended to intentionally or intentionally hurt anyone on the show.

Chris’s apology mentions work he has done privately on his relationship and communication skills. “I’m a terrible communicator, and I’m an extremely non-confrontational person,” he says. “This is something I had to fix, and I’m glad it came to light.”

Chris believes he “entered Heaven with integrity” and was “by no means in a relationship [before] the show. ”He also claims that no one from the“ San Diego Crew ”had been in a relationship before. Baccalaureate in paradise.

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“I spent time with Alana and Jessenia in a group setting,” adds Chris. He says he had the same “pre-show relationship” with the two women, whom he defines as “flirtatious and excited to potentially see them. [in] Paradise.”

Chris Conran wants ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans to stop sending death threats to Alana Milne

Part of Chris’ apology is also a call to the fans. “I’m so sorry Alana got involved in all of this,” he continues. “I beg you all to stop attacking and harassing her. She does not deserve the hatred she receives and the death threats must stop.

Reddit fans were shocked to hear about the alleged death threats. “Death threats?” a fan comments. “They were, at worst, assholes on a reality TV show; they didn’t kill anyone.

Chris claims he also receives hate messages and adds that “the way [he] was attacked and driven from the aspirated paradise. He sees himself as the “handy fruit” of the reality show thanks to the lack of fans, but Chris thinks that “it takes a huge disrespect for adult men to silence a woman when she tries to shut up. ‘use your voice’.

“You can’t have a culture where you silence women on this show,” he adds, concluding with, “Don’t compare me to Brendan and Pieper because they’re not the same thing. I disrespected Jessenia and should have behaved better. I’m sorry for my actions, but I don’t regret following my heart on the show.

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