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Christian school teacher Sandra Miller fired after racist rant shared online

After she and her husband were filmed making racist comments towards an Asian couple in a parking lot in Newport Beach, Calif., the Temecula teacher was identified as Sandra Miller was fired by her employers. Her husband, Roger Millerwas furloughed from his job as a Coronado city official.

In the video, which has been shared on several social platforms, Sandra Miller can be heard shouting, “America is a free country, go back to China!” getting into her car with her husband. In a description of the video, the man who filmed the interaction also claimed they both made many other insulting comments, including ‘those Chinese people spreading Covid’ as the two couples went shopping at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

The video begins when the Asian couple confronted the Millers later in the parking lot, and it quickly gained millions of views on TikTok and Instagram.

Sandra Miller’s employer, Linfield Christian School, released the following statement after the video gained traction, confirming that they had “terminated her employment immediately”.

As for her husband, Roger Miller, he is the director of recreation and golf services for the city of Coronado, and his director said he was placed on “administrative leave” following the incident.

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