City College Building to be named in honor of retired Chancellor Carroll

Arts and Humanities Pavilion
The San Diego City College Arts and Humanities Building, which will be renamed in honor of the Chancellor. Courtesy SDCCD

The iconic arts and humanities building on the San Diego City College campus will be renamed in honor of retired Chancellor Constance Carroll.

District administrators at San Diego Community College voted to name the building “Constance M. Carroll, Ph.D., Arts and Humanities Building” in honor of the Chancellor’s 17-year career.

The $ 95 million, 128,000 square foot structure opened in 2014 following a Proposal N bond financing, which Carroll fought for in the 2006 election.

It is one of 43 new buildings and 18 renovations completed as part of the $ 1.6 billion S&N Proposals bond campaigns across the three colleges and district continuing education program.

The building was chosen because of Carroll’s academic training in the classics – ancient Greek and Latin.

“Classics are an important part of my life because it’s an interdisciplinary field and one that provides lessons applicable through the ages,” Carroll said. “I am honored to have a personal connection to such a beautiful building that serves as a hub for the education of students of all ages in the visual and performing arts, world cultures, languages ​​and more.”

Carroll is scheduled to retire on June 30. His successor will be Carlos O. Cortez, who has served as chairman of the district continuing education program since 2015.

The San Diego Community College District serves 100,000 students per year at three two-year colleges and the San Diego College of Continuing Education.

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