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Cross and rosary tattoos lead police to suspect Jesus’ name – KIRO 7 News Seattle

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas police say surveillance photos showing a suspect’s distinctive tattoos, combined with photos the suspect posted on social media, led police to him.

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Jesus Colmenares is accused of shooting one victim and abducting a second outside a Las Vegas convenience store, KLAS reported.

In Colmenares’ arrest report, Las Vegas Police Department officers said they were first called to the convenience store for a shooting report. When they arrived, they found a victim who had been shot twice in the legs.

The victim, Jamal Bell, told investigators he was leaving his friends’ house and walking down the street when his knees went “numb” and he ran to the convenience store for help.

While investigators were at the convenience store investigating the shooting, a man flagged officers down and told them he had been abducted at gunpoint from the parking lot. That victim, Ryan Brizeno, told police he was parked and playing with his phone when he heard gunshots. Brizeno told police a man approached his truck, pointed a semi-automatic firearm at him, and demanded to be allowed into the truck. Pointing the gun, the suspect allegedly forced Brizeno to drive him to another convenience store, where the suspect exited the vehicle and drove off.

Las Vegas police said they watched surveillance video of the two convenience stores and noticed the suspect had distinct tattoos on both of his hands, KLAS reported. A week later, one of the investigators found a Facebook page for Colmenares, showing the same distinctive tattoos. Tattoos described in court documents include depictions of a rosary bead necklace with a cross on Colmenares’ right wrist down to the third finger.

Colmenares is charged with battery with a deadly weapon, shooting at an occupied structure, kidnapping with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon.