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Cross is raised in Calhoun County after a year of planning and prayer – Home – WCBI TV

Supporters believe 120ft crosses give hope during tough times

PITTSBORO, Miss. (WCBI) – It was a celebration in a Calhoun County town as a one hundred and twenty foot cross was raised along Route 9.

As workers carefully placed the 47,000-pound cross on its base, Mike Rozier watched his ninth cross project in Mississippi.

“Once the community raises the money, we order the steel, to build the cross, my company builds it, and my company doesn’t make a penny from it, we do it whatever our cost, and it’s that’s all,” Rozier said. .

Rozier is a Christian businessman and says he sees every crossover project as an opportunity for ministry.

“At the end of February, I was in Georgia, and the last day we were there, one of the men from the construction crew there in Georgia, I had the privilege of leading him to Christ at the foot of the cross”, Rozier mentioned.

Also watching the cross go up are Carol Ann Lightsey, who led fundraising for the cross project in Batesville in 2017, and Evelyn Thompson, who is helping raise money for a cross in Monroe County.

“Some people saw ours, passing on the highway, that’s where Rayville, Louisiana, that one came from and Booneville saw a picture of our cross and wanted one and that’s where comes this one, it spreads, I call it planting a cross seeds, God’s plants cross seeds, we don’t know where they land but they land everywhere and it’s amazing and wonderful,” Lightsey said.

“We’re trying to create more awareness across the county because we want every person to feel part of that cross and we can’t wait until it’s our day to have that kind of function, where people can see the cross comes off the ground and rises,” Thompson said.

The Pittsboro First Baptist Church donated the land for the cross and led fundraising efforts. Pastor Vincent Anderson says he prays for the cross to impact many people.

“We are living in such a difficult time and everything seems dark around us, I hope they will pass by and look at the cross and remember the love that Christ has for them and that he is the hope that we need said Pastor Anderson.

The cross was not supposed to go up until May, but Pastor Anderson says the timing of the raising of the cross, just after Easter, has special significance.

“It’s been God’s business this whole time,” Pastor Anderson said.

There will also be landscaping, benches, parking, lights and a prayer box at the foot of the cross.

Pastor Anderson says a donor provided most of the money for the Calhoun County cross.