Death in Paradise brings MAJOR changes to new series – including return of fan favorite character

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Death in paradise has announced that he will bring back a fan favorite character for the series’ first-ever Christmas special at the end of this year, to mark 10 years of the BBC program.

The dramatic comedy, which is currently filming its 11th series in Guadeloupe, made the announcement on Tuesday evening – to the delight of viewers.

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Speaking on a video shared with the Mirror, main star Ralf Small shared the exciting update, telling fans, “Hello, I just wanted to give everyone an update on Death in paradise.

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Now we have some very exciting announcements for Series 11, but before we get there we want to end our Series 10 tenth anniversary celebrations in style, so this year we’re going to have a Christmas special. “

He continued, “But there is something I have to address: there have been rumors that for series ten Danny John-Jules is coming back to play Dwayne Myers. “ Ralf, who plays DI Neville Parker, then added: “I have to respond to these rumors and let you know that this is absolutely not true…”, before panning the camera to show Danny lying on the beach. .

Ralf then joked: “Danny John-Jules won’t be coming back to Death in paradise for the Christmas special, this guy is just a good doppelganger. The 90-minute festive special will be the first of its kind and will also see an appearance by Juliet Stevenson.

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Danny John Jules makes a one-off return for the festive special

Many fans were delighted with the news and flooded the responses below the video with their enthusiasm. One of them wrote: “Omg omgggg and Dwayne are in it, and I hope we see Florence and Neville kissing !!!! Eek so excited.”

Another tweeted: “The best news I’ve heard all week!” as a third said, “Wait … we have a special Christmas? See, if you keep asking nicely, you get good things.”

Danny expressed his joy to return to the island of Sainte Marie for the special: “It is always a pleasure to return to the Caribbean. After four years of absence, the reinstatement in the fold should be transparent because I know the new main players.

“I can’t wait to bring Dwayne and this special 10th anniversary storyline to life.”

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