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Florence Cassell (played by Joséphine Jobert) has returned to Death in paradise during season 10 of the series to take on the role of Detective Sergeant. Since working alongside DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) in the BBC drama to solve a number of murder mysteries and the couple have developed a pretty strong bond. However, the season 10 ended on a cliffhanger and fans wondered if Neville had confessed his true feelings to Florence. But, will Florence reject Neville and leave Saint Mary for good?

Earlier this week it was confirmed that for the very first time the BBC will be broadcasting a Christmas special.

During the one-off episode, Florence will make a temporary outing to visit her family for Christmas.

However, with a member of the team down, Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) will return to Sainte Marie to take his place.

Since the end of Season 10, viewers have been eagerly awaiting to see how Florence and Neville’s romance unfolds.

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Bosses have promised “more surprises” are on the horizon for Florence and Neville in the Christmas special.

But will Florence’s temporary exit become permanent if she ends up rejecting Neville’s advances?

The end of season 10 saw Catherine Bordey (Élizabeth Bourgine) urged Neville to finally admit his feelings for Florence and he finally found the courage to come to her house.

However, Florence was getting ready for a date with an old school friend when Neville knocked on the door.

The final scene hinted that he was finally about to share his feelings with her, saying, “What I meant was …”

Ralf also teased fans about the upcoming storyline, such as during a question-and-answer session attended by back in december.

Speaking of the budding romance, the actor teased, “He is absolutely enchanted by this very beautiful, very charming, charismatic, warm and generous character.

“And, you know, he finds himself very attracted to her. Anyone can guess where that will go on the show and in future series, but yes, he’s definitely very attached to her.

He added, “These two have a real connection in this series and hopefully we’ll see where that goes.

“He hasn’t managed to do anything about it yet, but we’ll see.”

Danny, who left Death in Paradise after season seven, has said he can’t wait to make his comeback as Dwayne.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star said: “It is always a pleasure to return to the Caribbean. And after four years of absence, the reinstatement in the fold should be seamless because I already know all the new members of the distribution.”

He continued, “I can’t wait to bring Dwayne and this special tenth anniversary script to life.”

“We’ve been talking about a Christmas episode of Death in Paradise for years,” added Tim Keys, the program’s boss.

“So we’re more than excited to finally make one and work with Danny again.

“We can’t think of a better place to spend Christmas than at Saint Mary – it’s still part of our tenth anniversary after all!”

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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