Death in Paradise star Joséphine Jobert wants to be on Strictly Come Dancing

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Death in paradise Stars Josephine Jobert and Tahj Miles took part in a Q&A on Instagram Stories where they were asked to take part in Strictly Come Dancing – and it looks like both are up for the challenge!

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Asked by a fan, Tahj said, “I can’t really dance. I mean I can, I can follow directions, but I wouldn’t be the best.” Josephine urged him, asked him if he would still participate, and he replied: “Yes why not!”

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She enthusiastically agreed, adding: “Yes me too, we should do it together, we would win it together!” We would like to see that!

Ralf Little, who plays Neville Parker on the show, has also previously opened up about being on a reality TV series, saying HELLO! : “I think it’s very easy to throw things away. I think the people who participate in Strictly and do well in Strictly, they learn a real skill, an art form, and there is something really about it. rewarding about it, and the same goes for Dancing on Ice.

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“Will and I talked about it on the podcast and … [he] mentionned [he’d go on] I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! I was like ‘Really?’ Will said: ‘He’s the biggest and why not?’ So I said that I would be very interested in Dancing on Ice, just because you are learning a whole new skill. You can’t ice skate and you come out able to do triple axles or whatever they do. So let’s just say I don’t have a specific plan to do one, but never say never. ”


Ralf also opened up on reality shows

The actors are back on the set of Season 11 of Death in Paradise, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! Ralf also explained when he might retire from the show, saying, “I don’t have an end date in mind. I will definitely be back for this one. [season 11] no question and look, I just love it. I love the show; I like being on the show. I love working on the show. I’m a fan of it. I love it, so I’m in no rush to finish. ”

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