Death in Paradise star Ralf Little shares gruesome audition video

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Ralf Little, who stars as DI Neville Parker in Death in paradise, shared a parody video of an actor attending an audition, and it looks like the star can seriously relate!

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Retweeting the original video for the comedy, he captioned: “It’s been my life for 24 years and it’s incredibly painful to watch!” When the original poster, Jonny Weldon, responded by saying, “Thanks Ralf!”, The actor responded, “Amazing. (And horrible).”

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Ralf starred in Two pints of beer and a packet of crisps and The Royle family before landing his role in Death in Paradise in 2020. Speaking of the hit BBC show, he said HELLO! that he does not intend to leave him anytime soon!

“I don’t have an end date in mind,” he says. “I will definitely come back for this one [season 11] no question and look, I love it. I love the show; I love being on the show. I love working on the show. I’m a fan of it.

Ralf retweeted the funny video

“Love it so I’m in no rush to finish. So who knows, I have no plans either way. I’m definitely the most well-suited of all the detectives so far because I don’t. don’t. I don’t have the same family commitments. ”


Ralf plays the role of DI Neville Parker

He also revealed that he would like his Two pints of beer Co-star Will Mellor will join him on the set, saying, “People keep asking me if I can get Will Mellor on the show, because we’re doing a podcast together, but it’s a little tricky because. that Will is already there.

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Death in paradise prides itself on not having the same actors and giving different roles. They never repeated the same casting until one day they made an exception for me! So I’d love to try and get Will out because we’d have such a laugh, but maybe it’ll be a tough sell to producers – we’ll see. ”

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