Death in Paradise star Ralf Little teases Season 11’s ‘big scene’

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Death in paradise Star Ralf Small shared a snap while filming in Guadeloupe, and revealed that he will be sharing a scene with a very special casting partner!

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Sharing a snap with Elizabeth Bourgine, who has played Catherine Bordey on the show since 2011, he wrote: “Shooting today with the Lady herself, Elizabeth Bourgine.” Elizabeth commented on the post, adding: “What a beautiful day.”

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Episode director Ruth Carney also commented, writing, “What a great scene too.” Fans of the show loved that the couple had scenes together in Season 11, with just one writing: “I love Catherine, she needs more of the show,” while another added, “Great pic, can’t wait for S11 and the special Christmas episode.

“I have a theory on this cliff-hanger of [season ten] where Neville went to talk to Florence on her doorstep – I think Catherine is definitely involved in matchmaking shenanigans. “


We love this pair!

The actor loved his time in the Caribbean while filming and recently revealed that he adopted another puppy from the show. He wrote: “Ten days ago we spotted this stray puppy struggling to cross the road. She didn’t seem to understand that the road was dangerous and kept going back and forth … we had to stop and feed her … and then we had to pick her up in a towel and bring her with it us to our original destination. “

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He continued, “We drove to the restaurant we were heading to, L’Escape, which is run by Maryse and Fred, the same friends who took care of Dora for us when I had to go to America, and put her on the plane when the time was right.

“Once we got there, Maryse fell in love and called her Sue! She lives with friends right now, but we visit her every day to make sure she is okay.”

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