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Deep End Trailer Gives Nine Perfect Strangers Vibes – E! In line

The deep end prepares us to dive.

spiritual master teal swan and its questionable practices are the subject of Freeform’s documentary series The deep endpremiere May 18. Swan, who calls herself a “spiritual leader”, has more than 602,000 followers on Instagram and more than 145 million views on YouTube.

In the series’ trailer, Swan’s followers compare her to Jesus and she jokes that she will one day become “more spiritually influential than Pope. Swan, who says she was born with clairvoyance, has been accused of targeting depressed people with her unconventional methods surrounding death.

When asked to respond to allegations that she was advocating suicide, Swan said she was uniquely equipped to handle those kinds of conversations given her own history.

“These things are going to be said by people who have absolutely no idea what it is. [to be suicidal],” she said ozy in 2017. “What you don’t need is someone shaming you because of your family members or telling you it’s fucking wrong. What you need is of someone who says, “You know what? I know that.”

“If you want to get within 50 miles of me,” she says in the trailer, “you better be ready for the deeper end of the pool.”