Did you spot this Downton Abbey star in Death in Paradise?

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Death in paradise has hosted big stars over the years, but did you know a certain member of the Downton abbey family appeared in the beloved series?

Zoe Doyle, who played Lavinia on the hit show, traded the dresses for flip flops after starring in season seven episode six, Meditated in the Murder.

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In the episode, Zoe plays Cressida Friend, the victim’s wife – the owner of a spiritual retreat – who is one of the prime suspects in her death.

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The synopsis reads: “The leader of a spiritual retreat is strangled and Jack and his team are baffled that all of their suspects were in a meditation circle at the time of the murder.”

In the episode, it is finally revealed that one of the guests at the spiritual retreat, Gabe, believes the victim is responsible for the death of his twin sister and puts a sedative in his tea, hoping he will drown during a swim, then ends up choking. him after finding him unconscious. Dramatic, right?

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Zoe played Lavinia at Downton

In Downton abbey, Lavinia is the fiancee of Matthew Crawley who, after supporting him while serving in World War I and is temporarily paralyzed, tragically dies in Downton of the Spanish flu. Zoe also starred in the BBC Three comedy Stupid, as well as the 2019 mini-series, Four weddings and a funeral.

Meanwhile, fans are officially counting until the return of Death in paradise for its 11th series. The drama, which is currently filming in Guadeloupe, will even make something it has never done before, a Christmas special!

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Zoe was also one of Death in Paradise’s prime suspects.

The popular show will also once again welcome a familiar face, Danny John-Jules, who previously played Officer Dwayne Myers in Death in Paradise.

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The actor revealed he was excited to be back. “It is always a pleasure to return to the Caribbean. After four years of absence, the reinstatement in the fold should be transparent, because I know the new main players,” he said. “I can’t wait to bring Dwayne and this special 10th anniversary storyline to life.”

Many fans have responded to the news that was announced earlier this year. On social media, one of them wrote: “Omg omgggg and Dwayne are in it, and I hope we see Florence and Neville kissing !!!! Eek so excited.”

Another tweeted: “The best news I’ve heard all week!” as a third said, “Wait … we have a special Christmas? See, if you keep asking nicely, you get good things.”

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