Do you dream of death? Energy healer explains what it could mean

When we are dealing with many emotions at the same time – fear, sadness, loss, frustration, desire, desire, etc. – our dreams often become giant mashup scenarios. They don’t make a lot of logical sense. Wait a minute, it’s the 1980s and you’re wearing the pants you bought online last week. The next minute your ex from five years ago is here, and suddenly you see your death fall.

When the deadlines are mixed up, the people of the past and the present are juxtaposed, and you cannot put the dream in a logical order, it is your psyche that processes your waking life. It’s that of the analyst’s couch or dream books. His message is always personal and clear only after a lot of inner thinking. If you die in this kind of a dream, it is probably pure fear of change or loss.

If you dreamed about someone you love dying in an equally messy way, the same criteria apply. If the story is convoluted and the stages are mixed up in time and space – and especially if you instantly wake up emotional and confused – this is not a predictive dream. You might be afraid of losing that person, literally or emotionally.

(I believe that some very intuitive people can have predictive dreams, but these tend to be very down-to-earth, detailed, and tidy. You wake up with a flowing, clear and concise story and you don’t feel moved.)

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