drupa prizes awarded to Dr René Baston and Nina Goldt

Nina Goldt (left) and Dr René Baston

This year’s presentation of drupa price gave a double reason for rejoicing: the art historian Nina Goldt was awarded for her thesis “Portrait à la mode. Das weibliche Figurenbild der École de Paris im Spiegel seiner Entstehungszeit “(The female figure Image of the School of Paris in the mirror of its period of origin”) with the drupa prize 2021. At the same time, philosopher Dr René Baston received the drupa 2020 prize for his thesis “Implizite Vorurteile – eine philosophische Betrachtung“(Implicit prejudices – a philosophical consideration”.

The presentation had to be postponed due to the pandemic but could now move on. The prize that comes with a cash prize of 6,000 euros was presented by Wolfram N. Diener (Chairman & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf) and Prof Dr Anja Steinbeck (President of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf) at an official ceremony on August 17, 2021 at the Orangery of the Botanical Garden of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

“The Drupa Prize is an award and recognition for the best performance in the human sciences. Both theses were graded summa cum laude, and I sincerely congratulate Nina Goldt and Dr René Baston – it doesn’t get much better! Wolfram N. Diener explained at the award ceremony. “The Messe Düsseldorf has been supporting young scientists from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences for more than 40 years with the Drupa Prize. It is a beautiful tradition that we want to continue in the future.

In her thesis, Nina Goldt deals with the image of the female figure in the first third of the twentieth century in Paris as an artistic center of modern times. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Heinrich Heine University justifies her nomination for the drupa award, claiming that Goldt manages to present the changes of modernity as a visible indicator of the altered position of women in society in a very vivid way. Her work makes a substantial contribution to gender discourse in modernity and provides new gender-specific perspectives in portrait research.

Dr René Baston’s thesis offers a fascinating insight into the debate on implicit prejudices. He shows that discriminatory behavior often occurs unconsciously and makes this point with impressive examples. For example, while the United States has seen a significant decline in explicit racist beliefs, people of color continue to be discriminated against in some areas. This implicit racism is explained in social psychology by implicit prejudices. Dr Baston’s work brings together the discoveries of social psychology and philosophy. His convincing results have already found their place in scientific discourse through publications in journals.

Details of the Drupa Prize winners

Nina Goldt was born in Walsrode in 1986. After graduating from high school, she studied art history and Romance languages ​​at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. In 2012, she completed her studies with a Master of Arts in Art History. From 2013 to 2019, she devoted herself to her doctoral project “Portrait à la mode. Das weibliche Figurbild der École de Paris im Spiegel seiner Entstehungszeit ”at the Institute of Art History of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. His thesis was evaluated summa cum laude. Since 2014, she has been a freelance technical translator (French and English) and editor for Dumont Buchverlag, Michael Fischer Edition, and Arnoldsche art publishers. Nina Goldt lives in Düsseldorf, is married and has a daughter.

Dr René Baston was born in Kamp-Lintfort in 1984 and first studied computer science at the University of Bas-Rhin (diploma: Bachelor of Science). In 2009, he began studying philosophy at the Heinrich Heine University, which he completed in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Philosophy. His thesis “Implicit Prejudices – A Philosophical Consideration” was evaluated with distinction. Dr René Baston lives in Düsseldorf.

Since 1978 Messe Düsseldorf has received the Drupa price, which comes with a prize of 6,000 euros, for an exceptional thesis written at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. The prize money is used for the publication and dissemination of award-winning works in the humanities. The drupa prize is awarded by an expert jury made up of the rectorate and vice-rectorate of Heinrich Heine University (HHU) Düsseldorf, the chairman of the drupa committee and the CEO of Mass Düsseldorf.

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