English graduate student receives James J. Hudson doctoral scholarship in humanities

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Christopher Borntrager

Christopher Borntrager, PhD student in the Department of English, received one of the 2021-2022 James J. Hudson Doctoral Fellowships in Humanities from the Graduate School and International Education.

Each prize is $ 1,500 and is awarded to a graduate student nominated by the Department of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, English, History or Philosophy, who only has their thesis to write and defend and who plans to graduate in the coming year.

The award was established in 1986 in memory of James J. Hudson, a longtime history professor and former Dean of the U of A Graduate School.

Borntrager’s area of ​​specialization is rhetoric and composition, and his thesis project will focus on discourses on technology and their evolution over time.

He plans to use the funds to save, in order to enter an uncertain college job market.

“I am honored to have been selected,” Borntrager said. “This award will give us a little more peace of mind in uncertain times.”

Borntrager’s thesis committee is made up of Elías Domínguez Barajas (supervisor), Sean Connors, Chris Goering and Adam Pope.

Domínguez Barajas said that Borntrager’s thesis project “promises to be a significant contribution in the fields of rhetorical studies and discourse analysis, especially at a time when we need to better understand how media ideologies are shaped, channeled, exploited and perpetuated to promote particular and political values.

“Chris’s thesis forms the lens of discursive analysis on how a particular K-12 school district implements particular media ideologies to advance its technology agenda, which has a clear impact, no. only on a whole generation of students, but also on all the actors of the school district ”, he added.

“I congratulate Chris on this well-deserved honor and I am happy to see that the awards committee has seen fit to provide the support that will help Chris carry out such an important job.”

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