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FAIRFIELD — Between the turkeys and the yams, two full Vacaville varsity teams and three local individuals are gearing up for Saturday’s California Interscholastic Federation cross-country meet at Woodward Park in Fresno.

It’s the pinnacle of racing for California high school trail runners. The 17 local athletes have high expectations for themselves after earning an extra two weeks to train after qualifying for the big event based on their strong performances in the Sac-Joaquin Section Finals in Folsom.

Rodriguez senior Kate Kimball is the only runner in the town of Fairfield. She will compete in Division II after finishing ninth in the section.

“She feels strong and confident and has really had a great two weeks,” Rodriguez head coach Isaac Diaz-Reyes said in an email. “As she told me in training, she’s nervous at the moment but thrilled to have the opportunity to show all the work she’s put in to get here.”

Vacaville High rookie Khloe Delatorre will join Kimball in the Division II race. Delatorre finished 13th overall in the section. The two will take the 3-mile course at 12:30 p.m.

Vacaville Christian junior Kara Krulick will compete among the girls in Division V at 9 a.m. She was seventh overall at the section meeting.

The Vacaville boys have advanced their full squad to Division II. Senior Donovan Cheruiyot was the section champion after running under 16 minutes (15:55.7). Junior Colton Walker was seventh, second Jackson Stream was eighth, junior Justus Hundley was 14th, junior Josiah Rowland was 18th, second James Rowland was 28th and senior Lorenzo Cilia closed the seven in 34th. The Bulldogs run at 11 a.m.

The Vacaville Christian Boys finished second in Division V and also have seven state runners. Freshman Gunner Lyon finished seventh in the sectional meet and was followed by second Apollo Adam in ninth, second Maverick Adam in 14th, senior Aaron Laxamana in 26th, senior Harrison Jones in 27th, second Lukas Donaldson in 40th and second Timothy Damon in 58th. Vacaville Christian leaves at 10:30 a.m.

The top three teams in each division win trophies. The top 10 individuals from each medal race.

Reverend Charles Andrews donates to St Anna family home https://warriorsforchristonline.org/reverend-charles-andrews-donates-to-st-anna-family-home/ Thu, 24 Nov 2022 11:51:24 +0000 https://warriorsforchristonline.org/reverend-charles-andrews-donates-to-st-anna-family-home/

Reverend Charles Andrews presenting the objects to the foundation

A Ghanaian resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, Reverend Charles Andrews, last Sunday donated various food items and detergents to St Anna’s family home in Winneba.

Reverend Andrews is a former Principal of Manchester Christian College in the UK and current Minister at Pentecost in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. He is a special friend of the children of the house.


At the presentation hosted by Charlotte’s Memorial Foundation, an Accra-based non-governmental organization (NGO), Reverend Andrews counseled children and young adults against the ills of society and praised the mother of the home, Mrs. Emelia Turkson , for prioritizing education for the children in her care.

Items included rice, milk, cooking oil, bath soap, sugar, gari and washing powder. Introducing the items, the Reverend Minister said the donation was made possible by his close friends and family who greatly appreciated the current economic hardships and struggles that many Ghanaians were going through.

Earlier, Reverend Andrews and members of Charlotte’s Memorial Foundation had lunch with the children and their caregivers.

He interacted with them and congratulated the young adults among them, some of whom had just graduated from college, two of whom had joined the armed forces.


Upon receiving the items, Ms Turkson thanked Reverend Andrews, his friends and family for the kind gesture, noting that “St Anna’s Family Home is indebted to Charlotte’s Memorial Foundation for arranging the presentation at such an opportune time”.

Present at the presentation were the founder and CEO of the foundation, Beatrice Efua Mensima Awotwi-Pratt; Field Director, William Koblah Mensah; Afefa Kuwornu and Ephraim Yawson Atandzi, both volunteers and field workers of the foundation.

Rev. Michael Nabors: To fight rogue religion, uplift others https://warriorsforchristonline.org/rev-michael-nabors-to-fight-rogue-religion-uplift-others/ Thu, 24 Nov 2022 04:37:09 +0000 https://warriorsforchristonline.org/rev-michael-nabors-to-fight-rogue-religion-uplift-others/
Reverend Michael Nabors of the Second Baptist Church. Credit: Richard Cahan

It is always dangerous to write about rogue religion and corruption operating under the guise of faith. I understand. But I no longer care about the danger.

Because when narrow-minded fanatics use religion to support narrow-mindedness and bigotry, their religion becomes rogue.

Over the past 30 years or so, I have seen dangerous narcissism become a dominant theme in the teachings of many religious leaders and groups.

The current wave of hatred fomented by the forsaken mouths and twisted theology of many of today’s Christian religious leaders is not new. In fact, such a tunnel vision of the world was often the basis of religious expansionism. Today, rogue religious leaders use the same playbook that has been used century after century.

When their own congregations, their own constituents, their own people began to fear the steady pace of change and how it might negatively affect their lives, these leaders resorted to fear and manipulation.

Willie Shaw of the Evanston Branch of the NAACP proudly joins the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism along Ridge Avenue. Shaw, who has lived in Evanston since 1972, says this is a critical time for the black community. “The census will show that our population is decreasing,” she says. “The main problem is housing. It is simply unaffordable in terms of buying and renting, even more difficult for families with children. Shaw says some friends who love Evanston have had to move. “It has a lot to offer, but they get more for their money elsewhere.” Credit: Richard Cahan

These religious leaders themselves were afraid of losing the tiny bits of power and position they held.

As always, there were and are two options for these rogue religious leaders; change and be transformed, or struggle against change and strive to stay ‘as is’. Of course, staying “as is” also has a subtle caveat of going back to the “good old days.”

So these rogue religious and secular leaders of religion in the United States in 2022 have clearly made up their mind.