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Ghana: Seek salvation from God, not politicians – Dr Kwakye

Presbyterian Ga Presbyterian Church Ghana (PCG) President Dr Abraham NO Kwakye. urged Christians to seek God’s salvation instead of relying on politicians to change their precarious conditions.

According to him, politicians only remember the common man when they need power, adding that as soon as power comes to them, they are not thought of.

“Politicians are all the same when they need power, they go to the common man on the street, eat with them, associate with them and sleep in the trenches with them, only to turn their backs on them when they get the political power they sought,” he said.

He made the remarks during the closing ceremony of the Ga Presbytery Centenary Session 2022 in Haatso, Ga East Municipality of Accra with the theme “Walking in the Light of God”.

Rev. Dr. Kwakye lamented the action of some leaders who claim to be sent by God but, on the contrary, are not.

In opposition, he said these politicians see all the bad conditions in the country and promise to meet the economic challenges of the people, only to frustrate them after taking power.

He said “they come with different songs and as ordinary people we believe them just because we are in despair, so it is time for the public to be wise and seek God’s light for the change they sees in his situation, otherwise we will continue to stay where we are.”

In Furtherance, the man of God said that although democracy has its challenges, it is much better than military rule because politicians in a democratic state, although they listen to the cry of the people and are unable to offering tangible solutions to solve these ordinary human problems, are in vast contrast to military regimes, where citizens are shot at, at the slightest provocation, thus silencing the descendants.

He therefore urged the clergy and religious leaders to lead the people to the light of God instead of further impoverishing them through many dubious means of extortion.

The nation, he said, was suffering because darkness had enveloped the church and the leaders seemed comfortable with the situation “because there are now many churches where their false prophets are prospering through lies. and deception, as they capitalize on the desperation of vulnerable members”.

He added that if this was the time of false prophets like the sons of Scarver who were exposed and shamed when they tried to heal a demon-possessed man who pounced on them, all of those things wouldn’t wouldn’t have happened today.

“We must all accept to be in the light of God in our churches, our offices and our homes in order to be the torchbearers of the world,” he advised.