Gold tripod winners announced ahead of ceremony

  • By Sherry Hsiao / Journalist

The Culture Ministry announced on Friday the recipients of this year’s Golden Tripod Awards, the highest honor in Taiwan’s publishing industry.

Among the recipients was Chu An-min (初 安民) of Ink Publishing, who will be honored for winning the Special Contribution category at an awards ceremony on November 17.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition, which is in its 45th year, received more than 1,300 entries, the ministry said.

Twenty-nine books received awards, while 51 publications received special mentions, he said.

There are four award categories: magazines, books, government publications, and digital publications.

Among the winners were The Affairs (週刊 編 集), which was selected as Best Arts and Humanities Magazine, while CommonWealth Magazine (天下 雜誌) was named Best Financial News Magazine.

Chu was shortlisted for a Special Contribution Award because he was Editor-in-Chief of Ink Publishing for nearly two decades.

He remained committed to developing local literature, the jury said, adding that he had not only published works by famous authors, but also cultivated promising writers.

The works that Chu has published have won countless awards, the ministry said, praising his dedication and achievements.

The awards ceremony, which will take place on November 17 at 2:30 p.m. at the Taipei New Horizon Building, will be broadcast live on the Golden Tripod Awards YouTube channel, the ministry said.

Following the ceremony, the ministry will host a series of 20 Golden Tripod shows, with sessions to be held in person and virtually, he said.

During the discussions, this year’s award winners would talk about their creative processes and accomplishments, he said.

The ministry would also partner with independent bookstores, libraries and cultural centers to organize activities – online and offline – to promote the winning titles, he said.

The ministry urged people to follow the latest event updates on the official awards website at

The progressive and dynamic nature of Taiwanese society has contributed to a proliferation of publications, Culture Minister Lee Yung-te (李永 得) said.

Whether the posts express emotions or analyze issues, they reflect the diversity of ideas in a free society, as well as a desire to continue to seek change, he said.

The ministry will continue to support authors and the publishing industry, and facilitate cooperation between different sectors of the cultural content industry, Lee added.

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