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Gospel Living Masterclasses Now Available Online at Deseret Book

Have you ever wanted to learn how to increase your ability to teach and learn from the word of God from master author and teacher, Emily Belle Freeman? Michael S. Wilcox has written entire books on how to combat faith-shattering fears and impulses to leave the Church – how about a video diving into this important topic? How about a lesson on creativity as a spiritual process from famed fantasy novelist Jennifer Nielsen? Or how about some advice on dealing with messy Church history from Church Historian Claire Haynie?

Deseret Book has now released a huge catalog of digital courses designed to help you better live the gospel of Jesus Christ. These “Seek” courses are masterclasses taught by experts in their fields, and topics range from how to improve your scripture study to overcoming doubts about your faith to talking to your kids about difficult topics like pornography. .

The intro video for each course is free, so you can get an idea of ​​the materials and the teacher. The cost of the full course ranges from $15 to $30, and class duration ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

To watch or purchase any of the new courses, visit

The following courses are now available:

Ben Schilaty Building Zion: loyal LGBTQ ally
Brooke Snow Meditation: A Path to More Meaningful Prayer
Claire Haynie A faithful approach to the messy history of the Church
Darla Trend How to Prepare Your Teen for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth
dina alexander How to talk to your child about pornography
Drawn young How to Live Full and Complete as a First Returned Missionary
Emily Belle Freeman The Scripture Study Process
Heather Johnson Raise grateful and emotionally intelligent children
Jared Halverson Figures from the Old Testament to strengthen your faith
Jared Halverson How to Make Scripture Study More Meaningful
Jeff Redmond Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
Jennifer Nielsen Creativity as a spiritual process
Katie Cheesman Modern genealogy: filming the life story of your loved one
Kerry Muhlstein How the covenant with Israel applies to each of us
Kim Partridge How to help young women be confident leaders
Kristen Walker Smith Unlocking the Power of Scripture in One Minute a Day
Maria Eckerley How to Share Your Gospel Light
Mary Ellis How to find hope in the face of infertility
Melinda W. Brown How to help children develop agency skills
Michael Wilcox Holding on: when the impulse is to leave
michelle wilson Trading the lies we tell ourselves for the light of God
Rob Ferrell Helping young adults thrive in the Church through change, connection, and Christ
Sara Walker Finding Integrity and Strength When Your Spouse Uses Pornography
Stephanie Gardner Finding Your Place in God’s Plan as a Single Adult
Taylor Ricks Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Reaching Out to Members with Disabilities