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Have a fun, interactive and memorable day at the ICR Discovery Center – Cross Timbers Gazette | Denton County South | mound of flowers

It’s the middle of another hot North Texas summer, and families are divided on how to spend their day. Of course, there’s plenty to consider locally, including going to the nearest pool, camping, and having a picnic. But parents and children are also looking for indoor alternatives that are fun, interactive and, most importantly, educational.

For these families and many more, look no further than the ICR Discovery Center.

A 26,000 square foot facility located just off Royal Lane in northwest Dallas, the ICR Discovery Center celebrates its third anniversary in September by expanding its roster of jaw-dropping galleries and exhibits. This includes giving visitors a chance to investigate everything from the origins of the universe to being overthrown by animatronic dinosaurs, cutting-edge science experiments in the ICR’s new biology research lab, planetarium shows spectaculars that explore the farthest reaches of space to the depths of the oceans, and more. There are even miniature versions of the Grand Canyon and Mount Saint Helens.

The ICR Discovery Center is a departmental extension of the Creation Research Institute, a leader in scientific research in the context of biblical creation. So this is your opportunity to see how science and earth history fit in with the teachings of the Bible.

“We are a non-profit Christian organization, so everything we do is done with the perspective that the science we observe and research every day backs up what we read in the Bible,” said Michael Hansen, media director. digital from the ICR. “It sets us apart from other museums, and we do it in a fun and interactive way.”

Individuals and families aren’t the only ones who can enjoy what the ICR museum has to offer. It is also perfect for school trips, youth groups, seniors groups, church groups, and the home school community.

Plan to join in their third anniversary celebration on September 3 and enjoy a petting zoo, outdoor activities for kids, prizes, special presentations and more!