Hyundai makes driving safer for people with hearing loss: here’s how

Driving will now certainly be easier for hearing-impaired drivers. This technology simply turns external noises into different outputs that can be seen or felt by the driver.

The Korean automaker recently developed new technology to meet the needs of people with hearing loss. The company has designed a system through which hearing impaired people can interact with the outside environment. Hyundai worked on a concept that keeps the user informed and attentive with an emphasis on other senses including sight and touch.

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This was made possible after the development of an interface that transforms internal and external sounds into tactile and visual elements. The company has used some kind of technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze various sound patterns. This technology primarily uses two separate driver assistance systems, including audio-to-visual conversion (AVC) and audio-to-touch conversation (ATC). These systems give people with hearing loss a more precise perception of the world outside their vehicle by working together. The ATC system uses vibrators built into the interior of the steering wheel that respond to their external noises, while the AVS system visually represents external sounds with pictograms on the vehicle’s heads-up display (HUD).

The steering wheel of the car is equipped with multi-colored LEDs which reflect different patterns for various exterior noise.

The company showcased the same technology through a documented film known as the “Silent Taxi,” which is also available on the company’s official Youtube channel.

Thanks to Hyundai, driving a car will be a little less hectic for hearing-impaired people who adopt this technology in the future because they depended on their eyesight only. The company has already demonstrated the concept in Seol, with the help of a hearing impaired driver named Daeho Lee.

Let us know what you think of this technology in the comments section. And stay tuned for more such updates!

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