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Investing in community for accelerated development – Adaklu indigenous people urged

Dr Edward Ayimey (right), Director of Quality Assurance at Ho Technical University, presenting an honorary citation to Togbe Dzegblade IV, the head of Adaklu Kodzobi

The natives of Adaklu Goefe in the Volta region have been urged to invest in various sectors of their community such as education and agriculture in order to experience rapid development in the region.

Speaking at the Adaklu Goefe Dudengor Festival on the theme: “Development in unity, taking new steps towards the future”, the acting dean of the Faculty of Social Science Education at the University of Education in Winneba, Professor Anselm Komla Abotsi, stressed the importance of investing in children’s education to foster development.

He said education had been recognized in both theoretical and empirical literature as the foundation of development, and also as a process that increased human capital and growth.

The Dudengor festival is celebrated every year to unite the Goefe community and all the surrounding communities in Adaklu.

The Adaklu Goefe Dudengor Festival started in 2005 and is usually celebrated every first Saturday of November to help build the community and promote development.

The festival is characterized by many activities that start from Thursday to Saturday with a big durbar.

Also underlining the importance of agriculture, Professor Anselm said that an increase in agricultural production and an increase in productivity were important in the development process of a city, adding that the proper management of natural resources in Adaklu would strengthen its growth.

“To ensure growth and development in a region, there must be a conscious effort on the part of its citizens to save for investment in the region. Human capital and resources are needed to drive development,” did he declare.

He mentioned that access to credit facilities had been a challenge for many micro and small businesses, and indicated that business associations had been created and registered in order to access loans to amortize businesses.

“Having the desire and the urge to develop is very important. So I encourage the leaders of the community to develop this attitude of development and to instill in the youngest the desire to develop the Adaklu Goefe community”, he said. He underlines.

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unproductive land

The President of the Adaklu Goefe Development Association and Senior Lecturer at Winneba University of Education, Dr. Gershon Yaw Dake expressed concern over the unproductive nature of the land in the traditional area of Adaklu.

He said that although Adaklu had vast tracts of land, farmers were unable to put it to good use, due to the unavailability of water in the area. He therefore called on the government and individuals to come to their aid.

“We seek development in unity. Projects such as large-scale rice farming and large-scale banana plantation done in Asutuare in the Greater Accra region are possibilities here,” he said.

He, however, commended the government for providing schoolchildren with easy access to graduate education and called for speeding up the construction of dormitories and staff accommodation at Adaklu High School.

Adjust differences

A representative of the Chief Executive of Adaklu District, Walter Zuh, called on the chiefs of the traditional area of ​​Adaklu to address their individual differences which hinder development and assured the people of the commitment of the assembly complete all roads under construction in the district.

The chief of Adaklu Goefe, Togbe Agbi V, in a speech read by the deputy chief of the Gala clan in Goefe, Togbe Sasraku, lamented that the natives who had left to seek greener pastures were refusing to return home and, by therefore, advised them to return home to build their community.

“Our goal is to strengthen the existing intra and inter unity between us and the Adaklu communities, and above all, for the progress of our community. So you must work hard and use the skills learned to support the community leaders who drive the agenda development,” he told the assembly.

Adaklu MP, Kwame Agbodza, received a citation for his contribution to the construction of the Goefe Community Center and the development of Adaklu as a whole.

The leader of Adaklu Kodzobi, Togbe Dzegblade IV, was also honored for showing quality leadership, upholding justice and upholding Christian virtues in Adaklu.