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Is Alex Pereira Muslim? – Let’s take a closer look at Pereira’s religion and ethnicity

Alex Pereira reigns supreme as the UFC world middleweight champion. A decorated kickboxer, Pereira has now conquered the world of mixed martial arts and is the first fighter to hand over a stoppage loss to Israel Adesanya. Although a lot is known about Pereira’s career in combat sports, there is little information about his personal life.

Alex Pereira belongs to the Brazilian Tupi group of people, an indigenous race that was one of the largest groups of Brazilians before colonization. Pereira Poatan’s nickname is a word in Tupi-Guaranimeaning “hands of stone”.

“My father was a hardworking man but he never told me about it. Later he told me that my ancestors were warriors. I use that as motivation. My ancestors were the first inhabitants of Brazil with few resources and managed to survive. Pereira revealed.

Alex Pereira is married and has two children, Alessandro Vidal Silva and Lohan Vidal Silva. Pereira’s son, Alessandro, gained huge popularity on social media after mocking Israel Adesanya after Stylebender’s brutal knockout loss against Poatan in their second kickboxing bout in 2017.

What is Alex Pereira’s religion?

Alex Pereira is a Christian by religion. The name Pereira has its roots in Portuguese and the Galician language. However, Pereira converted to Islam in 2015.

“I know about Islam from my friend, Hamza Laila,” Alex Pereira revealed.

“The kickboxer, who read books on Islam given to him by a friend of his, called Hamzah, became a frequent visitor to the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil to meet scholars who explained to him the principles of Islam. ‘Islam. Therefore, he decided to convert to Islam. Taqi Al-Din, President of the Supreme Council of Imams and Islamic Affairs of Brazil said in 2015.

According to reports, Pereira’s decision to convert to Islam was partly due to his alcoholism. Since Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol, Poatan found it appropriate to absorb the teaching of Islam. However, there are also reports that Pereira has since moved away from Islam and returned to his indigenous roots.

There is no clarity on his religious beliefs and Alex Pereira has released no statement.

The Different Ways Alex Pereira Shows Respect For His Indigenous Roots

Alex Pereira’s in-ring walkout / kickboxing octagon involves a bow arrow ritualwhich is his way of paying homage to his indigenous roots. Poatan stated that he finds his motivation through these various acts. One of them was when Periera painted her face during the showdown against Israel Adesanya at UFC 281.

Alex Pereira pays homage to his indigenous roots (Credit: UFC)

“It is very important to preserve the indigenous peoples who are sometimes a little forgotten”, Poatan said.

Even Alex Pereira’s tattoos signify the importance that indigenous culture has in his life. Poatan has two tattoos of natives on his bodyand the UFC middleweight champion said they are a symbol of motivation for him.