Joséphine Jobert of Death in Paradise reveals the secrets of the filming of season 11

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Josephine Jobert loved being back in Guadeloupe to shoot the last season of Death in paradise, and Friday between takes, she decided to tap into her Instagram DMs to answer a few questions about the show.

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In response to someone asking: “Out of curiosity, how long does it take approximately to do your hair / makeup before filming?” the French actress has revealed that she – and some of her co-stars – usually sit in the makeup chair for 40-45 minutes before stepping onto set.

Another person asked how long each episode of the beloved BBC the drama goes to the cinema, to which Joséphine replied: “It takes about a week and a half [to film an episode].

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WATCH: Behind the scenes of Death in paradise season 11

Well, we have it! Josephine and her co-star Ralf Little have been very active on social media since their return to the Caribbean island to start filming new episodes.

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Last week, Ralf shared a behind-the-scenes video of the pouring rain as she interrupted the day’s filming, joking that viewers never see this side of time on the show.

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Joséphine and Ralf are back on the set of season 11 of Death in paradise

In the clip, we could hear her say, “A little taste of heaven for you,” before singing the show’s catchy theme. He continued, “This is the track you don’t see on the show!”

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Fans still have time before new episodes start airing, given that filming only started this month. However, the BBC has given a glimpse of what to expect in Season 11 in a new synopsis, which reads: “Series Eleven will see even more mysterious murders, guest stars galore, huge surprises, and plenty of twists and turns. How will Marlon fare without JP?

“Will Neville reveal what he really feels for Florence and how will she react to this bomb? If that’s not enough, could the return of familiar faces to the island cause problems in Heaven? “

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