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Joyce Pring’s Salvation Comments Spark Online Discussion

Joyce Pring_podcast
Joyce Pring on her October 5, 2022 episode of her “Adulting with Joyce Pring” podcast in this Spotify screenshot. (Spotify/JoyceSpring)

podcast host Joyce Springcomments from non-believers going “to hell” in his October 5 podcast episode with Wil Dasovitch spawned various discussions on the local online community.

Joyce, who hosts a Spotify podcast called “Adult with Joyce Pring“, invited Wil in the second part from his episode “Unboxing Christianity”.

She is a devout Christian who considers herself a “Christ-saved sinner”.

According to Joyce, the particular podcast episode tackles “probing questions about God, Christianity as [her] belief system, and if [she] should recommend Wil to date [her] Christian friends.

“Get ready as Wil and I have an in-depth conversation about Christianity and more!” its episode description reads.

A fragment of the episode where Wil asked Joyce if she believed a “non-believer can go to heaven” went viral.

“A non-believer, like someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus? she answered.

“Yeah,” Wil said.

“No,” Joyce replied.

Wil asked what would happen to these non-believers and Joyce replied, “They’re going to be judged and go to hell.”

When Wil exclaimed that Joyce’s response was “so blunt”, the podcast host said she was just giving the vlogger “honest answers” to her “honest questions”.

“And then, what are they doing in hell?” Wil asked.

“To suffer in eternity? Joyce replied.

When Wil asked if the suffering was “forever,” the podcast host confirmed her answer by repeating the word “forever.”

Joyce also elaborated on her answer with an example.

“I really wish there was a different response to that, like, ‘Oh, anyone can go to heaven!’ But I think what makes Christianity beautiful is that you don’t have to work for heaven, Jesus has already done it for you, and so the only thing you have to realize is to accept this gift. What is the gift?” she said.

“The gift is that we are sinners and God is a holy God. Say, for example, we are in a courtroom and God is the judge, you are the criminal. Would God be a good judge if he just said, ‘Okay, sige, ‘wag na’. Like, you are free. You’ve killed someone’ and you’re like, ‘Okay, you’re free to go,'” Joyce added.

“But what Christianity says is Jesus walks in and says, ‘Okay, Wil deserves to be in jail. But instead of Wil going to jail, I’ll be in jail. For his own good.’ This is what Christ did on the cross,” she added.

Joyce also said that a murderer can go to heaven “if he honestly repents of his sin”.

She also said that a saint, if he is not a Christian but has been good all his life, will not go to heaven “unless he believes in Jesus”.

Meanwhile, Joyce’s comments about non-believers going “to hell” caused a stir among social media users who shared their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Others agreed with her and commented that it is “difficult” to discuss salvation with nonbelievers.

“But definitely, yes, the gospel is Jesus taking the penalties for our sins so that we can be reunited with God who is holy,” a facebook user said.

“People say ‘this is unfair’, ‘this is brutal’, when in reality God Himself came down to SUFFER for our sins and all we need to do is put our faith in Him. We literally did nothing to earn such favor from him to do this,” another online user commented.

“Ms. Joyce’s point is that you will go to heaven not because of your religion. Again, it is NOT about religion. It is about your CONNECTION with the Lord,” said another Pinoy.

On the other hand, some Filipinos disagreed with Joyce’s remarks about nonbelievers going “to hell.”

“I sent this video to the comments and thoughts of sister kong nun para kunin ‘yung [niya] about sa sinabi ni Joyce then ang sabi [niya]’Sino [siya] for humusga. Nothing is simpler than anything other than kahahantungan natin on huhukom. Tanging Diyos lang ang may alam ng lahat ‘”, a twitter user said.

“Sorry na lang daw sa mahigit 4 bilyon na hindi Christians… Pero the Jesus Christ I know would not mind giving eternal life to someone who [loves] his neighbours”, another Pinoy tweeted.

“Love and forgiveness are the name of the Catholic Church and imitate Christians. Condemning people and saying na pupunta sila straight to hell is against church teachings,” another shared. twitter user which accompanied the tweet with a video of Pope Francis.

The Philippines is the only predominantly Catholic country in Southeast Asia.

Last April, a Vatican envoy said it remained at the top of the countries with the highest number of Catholic baptisms in 2020.