Christ religion

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People have a free choice in matters of religion | Columns

The Christians,

Lately, in some places around the world, people have been killed for their belief in Christ. Many people think that the God of Christians is false. Many people also believe that the God of Christians is real.

Whether you believe it or not, everyone should have the free choice to be a Christian or not.

We all have different religions and that’s fine, but we don’t want to persecute other people who don’t believe in the same religion as you. They have a reason to believe in their religion and you have a reason to believe in your religion. I’m sure none of us want other people to come and make us believe in a different religion, or we’d be persecuted, right? I know I definitely don’t know.

Everyone should have an opinion on what religion they want to be. No one wants to be forced to do something they firmly believe is wrong. It’s absolutely fine to share your religion with someone, but you shouldn’t try to make them believe in your religion. A lot of people won’t respond very well/consider following your religion if you try to get them to follow your religion.

So I think people should have more choices about which religion they want to follow. Some people take religion very seriously, while others don’t.

You can believe in Christianity or whatever you want to believe in, but don’t make your thoughts someone else’s thoughts.

Presley O’Brien