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Life as Christ: An Online Course in Catholic Social Teaching

Last month, I was invited to St. Francis de Sales Parish in Beckley, WV, to lead a day-long retreat on Catholic Social Teaching. The parish broadcast my lectures live for the parishioners, and I was able to edit the video recording and adapt it to an online course!

There is no cost to access this course, just create a free account with SmartCatholics (the host site).

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This course is divided into six sections:

  • Introduction – What is Catholic Social Teaching?
  • The Kerygma – The proclamation of the identity of God and the love of each person
  • Dignity of the human person – The infinite dignity of each person defies all political ideology
  • The common good – Society has a responsibility to each and everyone
  • Subsidiarity – Everyone should have the opportunity to be responsible for the healing of their own community
  • Solidarity – Creating structures of justice for all our brothers and sisters
  • To help you trust in God’s goodness and love for you personally.
  • Propose and explain the social doctrine of the Church.
  • To invite you into vulnerable prayer with God where you are open to him, moving your heart and convincing your conscience.

Listen. Watch the videos with a desire to learn from the wisdom of the scriptures and the Church.

Be okay with the discomfort. If any of the content makes you uncomfortable, or if you struggle with something the Lord puts on your heart in prayer, try to agree with it. The Lord is so patient with us, He is not offended or threatened by our discomfort, our struggle.

Pray. Take the time to pray with the scriptures and the teachings that are offered. Bring your concerns and questions to the Lord. Let it transform your mind and your heart.

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If you would like me to lead a retreat for your own parish, campus, or young adult group, please contact me here. Leading retreats is one of my greatest joys and privileges in ministry.

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Paul Fahey lives in Michigan with his wife and four children. For almost eight years he has worked as a professional catechist. He holds an undergraduate degree in theology and is currently working on a master’s degree in pastoral counseling. He is a retreat leader, catechist trainer, writer, and co-founder of Where Peter Is. His long-term goal is to provide pastoral counseling to Catholics who have been spiritually abused, counseling to Catholic ministers, and counseling training to that ministers be better equipped to help others in their ministry.

Life as Christ: An Online Course in Catholic Social Teaching