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Look to God; He is the answer | Religion

When we, as a nation, family, or individual, open our lives to separation from God, we open ourselves to the ways of destruction and evil. The devil’s last word is evil. We must close the door to our enemy, the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy and put our trust in Jesus who came to give us life and life in abundance according to John 10:10.

By the way, the last word of Jesus is us. The one who brings sickness and evil is the devil and the one who delivers us from evil is God. The answer to all attacks of evil is for us individually and us as a family and us as a nation and us as a world to unite and pray to the one true God to truly deliver us from evil. Sickness is an attack on the kingdom of God and the whole world. Did we notice that this new virus started on the other side of the world and is now spreading all over the world.

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