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Masked Singer Reveals Pro-Wrestling Legend and Radio Icon – E! On line

Comedy Roast Night saw the hopes of two masked singer competitors ignite.

The Nov. 16 episode of the Celebrity Singing Contest featured comedy bits and jokes aimed at the panelists—Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger—and host Nick Cannon throughout the evening, including appearances by comedians Jon Lovitz and Drew Carey. But for a few suitors, it was no laughing matter.

The first standing The bride—a giant pink dinosaur in a wedding dress—performed “White Wedding” by billy idol. After moving forward on the Nov. 9 episode, Bride’s new clues included references to a film career and the fact that he likes to show off his chest.

Next, Snow storm debuted with a performance of Ariana Grandeit’s “thanks, next”. The performance was preceded by a set of clues including roasted chestnuts, speed dating and reports that Snowstorm had made a breakthrough in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Lovitz also revealed that Snowstorm had previously worked with Rob Lowe.

To finish, LawyerThe clue package included references to podcasting, a history of construction work, and bald eagles. He performed a version of Ray Charles‘ “Hit The Road Jack” with some custom puns on the avocado for good measure.

It was a comedy night, after all.