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Mets’ Chris Bassitt thanks teammates for best start to season

Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Chris Bassit fought hard. In San Diego, he lasted just 3 1/3 innings, allowing seven hits and seven runs (six earned). A few weeks earlier in San Francisco, Bassitt had hit 4 1/3 frames, this time allowing eight runs on eight hits, including three hitters on walks and three homers.

After the tough last outing at Petco Park, Bassitt needed a good start. And boy did he deliver. Over eight shutout innings in the Mets’ return to Citi Field, Bassitt had his best start of his brief Mets career. He allowed just three hits — none of which went for extra bases — and walked just one batter. His seven punches were just one shy of the season high.

While the Brewers have been slumping lately (1-9 in their last 10 games), they still sit 34-29 and just 2.5 games out of first place in NL Central. Their lineup also includes two former NL MVPs in Christian Yelich and Andrew McCutchen, who went a combined 1 for 6 against Bassitt with three strikeouts Tuesday night.

Bassitt mixed up his pitches really well, throwing the following deals throughout the game: lead (37 times), curveball (19), four-seam fastball (16), cutter (15), slider (15) and change (7) . The first four of those pitches were smelled at least three times each, while each of his six-pitch types led to a hit + smell percentage of 20% or better.

With a difference of 24.8 miles per hour between his fastest and slowest pitch of the night, it’s no surprise that Bassitt had hitters on the fence all game.

Teammate credited by Bassitt Marc Canha for helping him turn the tide against the Brewers. Bassitt and Canha were teammates for several seasons at the Oakland Athletics.

“He saw me the farthest of anybody,” Bassitt said. “It was more like, ‘You don’t throw like yourself at all.’ So I broke everything.”

Bassitt also credited the receiver Thomas Nido. The right-hander and receiver managed to end up on the same page early in the count. It was “freeing” for Bassitt to have so much chemistry with Nido and said he called it an “incredible game”.

After 13 starts this year, Bassitt’s ERA is down to a respectable 3.89. Despite the strong start against Milwaukee, his ERA+ season of 103 is still his lowest since 2016, when he ended the year disappointingly with a rating of just 68.

“We’ve seen the level at which he’s able to throw, Buck Showalter said. “I know how frustrating it’s been for him here lately, but guys like him, you just trust the moxie, and they want it, they made it. They understand it and make the adjustments.